Did Scientists Just Discover a Huge 9th Planet Very Far Away?

Did Scientists Just Discover a Huge 9th Planet Very Far Away?

After Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet we only had 8 planets, and it seemed that way for a while. But students at Caltech think they found evidence of a giant planet 10 times the size of Earth and an insane distance away from the Sun. It is so far away that it will take 20,000 years for it to orbit the sun once. It is so far away it has not been seen before but it can be detected with simulations due to its gravitational pull on small debris which are past Neptune.

This is an important discovery because of the fact that if there can be planets so far away that there could be countless others which are just smaller and harder to detect. If this is true it could revolutionize space travel because more planets means more opportunity for planet discovery and prolonged travel. But don’t get too excited it would be extremely cold with only geothermal energy with a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. So even if there is no hope of landing there, it could serve as a gravitational slingshot for any ship or capsule trying to exit our solar system and it could tell us about the history of the sun and our solar systems.

But you may ask how did we detect it? Well there are a cluster of planets very coincidentally grouped in a way which signifies that there is something pulling on it. And if you think that this could possibly be a coincidence I would reconsider. The chance that this select grouping happened randomly is 1 in 15,000 or 0.00006% so the debris was almost certainly positioned by the gravity of Planet X. But if you are that stubborn and need real visual confirmation of Planet X’s existence, one of the best telescopes in the world is looking for it. They predict that they will find it in around 5 years so you might want to get some popcorn, it will be a while.

Now a good question is does this REALLY affect us. If is very far away it can’t affect our planet, right? But i would disagree with this statement. This planet is so massive it is actually made it seem like the sun is tilted 6 degrees, and this tilt is huge, millions of miles in fact. But the sun can not be tilted so really it is just us, but how? In my opinion Planet X is actually tilting our whole solar system. This is because Planet X is a whole 30 degrees of our orbital plain’s tilt. This could affect our whole solar system and explain for all of the miniscule imperfections in lower orbit which until now have gone unexplained. But if you account for Planet X’s mass you get near perfect results for our current position. Though there are slight imperfections in the module, this can be accounted for other unknown events which happened in our solar systems history.

Planet X is a very interesting find, and in my opinion, is the discovery of the century. Even though there is no chance of life or planetary mining or any other advanced technology Planet X will help us understand our solar system just a little bit better and that is really what science is all about.