IOS 10 update

Friend or Foe?

Anna Gunning

Apples new iOS 10 update by Apple has been reportedly crashing phones in the United States during its release on September 14. Some people had to use a USB cable to force reboot their phones on their computer, others are outraged by the new emojis.

“iOS 10 is so musty it looks like an android and I keep forgetting how to unlock my phone.”

“iOS 10 made my phone so slow and my messages keep crashing. I already tweeted this but I’m still annoyed.”

“iOS 10 is making my iPhone6 a little slow.. reminds me of my iPhone 4!”

These are just a few examples of the many angry tweets on twitter of this new update. Apple claims that the problem has been fixed but should we trust them? This is not the first time an update or device has been bugged or had issues. A lot of people are having a hard time deciding whether to update or not because they are afraid that the update will ruin their phone and apple will not replace so they will have to buy a new one.

You can also only update iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 5, and no later than an iPad 4. So if you have any older of a model than those, sorry no IOS 10 update for you. Also all the emojis have changed and the way you see notifications. You no longer slide up to reach the camera but now you slide to the right. The way you see who your texting has changed and so has the lock screen.

It is so different from how it was before that it will take so long to adjust to. Apple fixes bluetooth bugs and makes a lot of things newer and faster. Also, it has made Siri more efficient and upgraded further with the “Hey Siri” feature. Plus, you can delete those default apps that no one uses, such as stocks. Maps has also been upgraded to a cleaner look, remembering where you parked, and selecting a “pit stop” location.

The IOS 10 has many Pros and Cons that make change your mind so many times even your calculator can’t keep up (also an app you can delete). One con is that your phone is much slower than it has been and may even have to be manually rebooted. Some pros are new features in iMessage, Maps, the lock screen and emojis. In conclusion, IOS 10 could make your life easier and harder but it will keep your Iphone up to date on the updates.