How to be a morning person

Sarah Betts


Ava Robinson and Miranda Lopez

   Have you ever rolled over in the morning and sighed at the sound of your alarm? Well, that probably means you aren’t a morning person. Being a morning person involves getting up early, having a good attitude, and feeling energized without trying. We know it’s tough getting up in the morning, so we’ve put together a few things to help you out a bit!

   Being a morning person doesn’t have to mean following the trendy morning routine YouTube videos. You could start by simply drinking water as soon as you wake up. Drinking water in the morning is a great way to get you energized for the day and refresh you. It can fire up your metabolism and hydrate you, while also giving your brain fuel. If you don’t want just water, try adding some fruit or lemon juice to add some flavor! It can also give you glowing skin and remove toxins from your skin.Image result for morning person

    Next, try setting your alarm only once and put your phone near your door. That way, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you have to get up out of bed to turn it off. This trick may not be helpful for everyone, but it does make a difference in your mood later in the day. If you’re the type of person to not set alarms and wake up at your own time, try to stick to a certain time when waking up, or go to sleep at a certain time nightly.

    Another great way to become a morning person is to simply have a great attitude! Set goals you want to accomplish in your day, and be determined to get them done. Your attitude can help you think of the better things than stressing about the little things.Some things you can do to have a great attitude is always think of the bright side of things.  Having a positive mindset leads to a joyful, positive day. Having a negative mindset leads to a boring and uneventful day. It depends how your morning, will go. Try to plan your outfits and hairstyle the night before. This tip is mainly for us girls who take ages to get ready in the morning. If you figure out what you’re going to wear the night before, it will make your mornings way easier! There are many cute outfit and hair inspiration on Pinterest, so if you’re completely stuck on what to do, take time out of your day to scroll through websites and see what goes with what. If your a guy and don’t care about appearance, make sure in the mornings to freshen up so you don’t smell sweaty and gross.

    Make a good breakfast! When we say to make a good breakfast, we don’t mean spending your entire morning just on trying to make an Instagram worthy breakfast. Here are some ideas in case you don’t know what to make!: peanut butter toast, cinnamon rolls, a fruit smoothie, yogurt and granola, or simply some fruit, the list goes on!

    One other tip we can give you is to take an early morning shower! Showers can be a HUGE help in feeling more awake and refreshed. If you shower in the morning, you could get rid of all the dirt from the night before. Pillowcases and even your sheets can hold up to 10 million dust mites! So showering in the morning can get rid of all the dirt and sweat from you. It can also help your muscles relax if you take a hot shower, and makes your skin glow if you take a mild/cold shower.

Getting enough sleep is by far the most important thing to help you become a morning person. You should be getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep a day. Of course, you stay on your phone scrolling for what seems like 5 minutes, but is really an hour. Get off your phone! Getting a full amount of sleep can improve your mood and day a lot more than you think.

Overall being a morning person won’t just happen overnight, it would happen gradually. But these are just a few tips on ways to improve being a morning person, and how to make sure you can enjoy your day fully.