Junk Food in Other Countries

Junk Food in Other Countries

Have you ever wondered what junk food is like in other countries? As we know here most junk food is fast food like McDonalds or Taco Bell. The junk food in other countries are very different compared to the junk food most Americans eat! German, French, and Japanese are some of the places that have very different junk food options. Most people will think their food is a little crazy, but the people there love it and it would be some of their first choices!


The first country we are going to be talking about is Germany. Die Pommes are very popular among Germans. Die pommes are chips. Germans do not like vinegar in their chips, they put unique sauces on their chips. They normally use ketchup and mayo. Another admired food by the Germans is the Currywurst, it is combining two great foods, curry sauce and sausages. It is a salty food with a huge portion of chips, A fun fact is that there is a museum dedicated to this salty delight. There is yet another junk food, it is called Weisswurst with sweet mustard and pretzel. It is a great combination of a delicious and savory sausage with a sweet pretzel to go with the delicious platter.


France is known for the amazing food and the beautiful scenery. However, France is the second country for eating the most junk food, behind the U.S. Some snacks they eat there is croissants or bread with jam. Croissants are made of layers of dough and have a flaky texture. Other French junk foods are “princes” and “lulu’s”. Prince is a snack that most kids eat, they are crackers with a chocolate filling . Yum! Lulu is another popular junk food snack for kids. It has a moist and soft dough consistency outside, and has strawberry filling inside!

Now onto Japan. Japan is an Island very very far west. One of the Japanese junk foods is a fish shaped cake called a taiyaki (tie-ya-ki). Inside usually there is red bean paste which is made of red beans. Other fillings might be chocolate, cheese, or even sweet potato! Taiyaki in Japan is usually 300 yen which is $2.70. This junk food is a good source of iron which is good for our red blood cells. Another Japanese junk food is okonomiyaki (Oco-no-mi-a-ki) which is a savory pancake. It is made up of noodles, meat, flour, bonito flakes, cabbage, and okonomiyaki sauce. The flakes are very cool because when put on the pancake, it moves (dances), but it is not alive.

As you now know now the food in other places are much more different than the ones we have in America. Germany, France, and Japan have all different food types, but in their own way they are all delicious. Junk food is favored in many countries and most people’s favorite food. Japan has fished shaped desserts. France has sugary junk foods, and Germany has protein like junk foods! The U.S could learn some tasty tricks from other countries.


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