Girls Clothing Trends 2016

Do you know anything that is trending around Hermosa Valley for girls?

Girls Clothing Trends 2016


     You probably know that a bunch of things are trending at Hermosa Valley School; but, you probably don’t know all of them. We will tell you about all the things that are trending in the South Bay including clothes and jewelry.

     Some of the most popular clothing around the school for girls is probably either PacSun (Pacific Sunwear) or Brandy Melville. Not just the people in Hermosa enjoy these clothes, but many people around the world are loving these brands.

     Brandy Melville was actually based upon Italian clothing, and was brought from Italy to the US.  The company’s creator said that the name was inspired by two people in love.  Brandy is an American girl who falls in love with Melville who is a guy from England. They first fell in love in Rome. So the name takes over the two people. The son of the founder opened the first Brandy Melville 15 years ago and called the company Brandy & Melville, but now in the US the brand’s real name is Brandy Melville. The founder, Silvio Marsan, started his career 30 years ago producing merchandise for famous italian brands.Silvio’s friend said that they decided to move to the US. When they first opened Brandy & Melville in SoHo, New York, they already had 40 stores in Italy. Since the first opening in New York, there are now about 5 stores in the United States. There are a few stores in the South Bay, like in Santa Monica, but that is the closest one. But if you are up for a ride there is one in Irvine, CA. But that’s maybe an hour drive.  (

     There are types of clothing that people like along with Brandy. This brand is called Pacsun. Pacsun sells beachy clothing, along with  PacSun also sells Brandy Melville along with other store brands such as Adidas, Hurley, Quiksilver, Roxy, O’Neil, Billabong, Volcom, Vans, and many more. PacSun is an abbreviated version of Pacific Sunwear. This brand had over 800 stores in all 50 states including Puerto Rico too. PacSun first opened around 1980, in Newport Beach, CA. The founders of this brand is Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore. The clothing is made in the US and the apparel is made to fit the liking of teens and young adults. We mostly get our Brandy Melville clothes there and the store is very near. PacSun is located in the Del Amo Mall, and is located in the Third Street Promenade; there is a Brandy Melville there too. Have you ever been to one of the stores?

     You’ve probably heard of a widely popular company that sells bracelets called Pura Vida.  Pura Vida is sold at some stores, online, and Costa Rica.  In 2010, Griffin Tall and Paul Goodman founded the company by spotting it in Costa Rica. Each bracelet is hand-crafted.  After many celebrities were spotted wearing the bracelet, the company has been very popular and has since sold over 2 million bracelets. The word Pura Vida means Pure Life in Spanish. Pura Vida is like the slang Hawaiian Aloha, but it’s the Costa Rican saying. These widely popular bracelets are hand-made in Costa Rica. The brand also makes bracelets for charitable organizations. The sale of these bracelets go to these charities. Over 175 charities have been benefited from this program.

     All of these brands, you may have seen before and heard of. If not try asking people, or your friends about it, because these stores are very popular in the South Bay. You can notice these things, or maybe you have seen them before and just don’t know. Brandy Melville was very popular for their shirts and jackets with an alien on the top right of the clothing, and just little patch looking decals on their shirts, or little phrases on them.  PacSun is probably the hardest to tell whether it’s from the stores, because they sell so many brands. But when you go to the stores and look around, maybe you can tell when you see it wherever, since you recognize it, but I wouldn’t expect to notice that many. And Pura Vida is one of the most easiest to spot out. It’s a bracelet that has a few strings and then combines into one at the end, where you adjust it. People wear it on their wrists and ankles. Do you own any?