Meet Ms. Loth🍎

Meet Ms. Loth🍎

You’re sitting in a science classroom learning about Mars. Your brain starts to wander off and suddenly you see a kind, strawberry blonde-haired woman standing in front of you saying your name. She smiles and continues talking. Congratulations, you’ve met Ms. Loth, the new 7th grade science teacher. We wanted to write about Ms. Loth because of her energetic, kind spirit. She has taught at this school before, subbing for Ms. Spann’s class (fifth grade) two years ago. 2018-2019 is her first year teaching at our school full time, and she doesn’t plan to end anytime soon. Ms. Loth’s passion for teaching continues to grow as she teaches her favorite subject, science. When you go into seventh grade, you will have her since she is the only science teacher. If you aren’t in any of her classes, you may have seen her walking around campus with a huge smile and a positive attitude.

This incredibly knowledgeable teacher expects to continue her teaching career until she retires. The 8th grade science teacher here at our school (Ms. Sharp), was actually Ms. Loth’s roommates in College! We won’t just talk about college, but we’re gonna talk about her childhood. There are many things from her childhood that we didn’t know until our interview with her. You probably don’t know, but Ms. Loth played many sports growing up in Walnut Creek, California, where she was born. Some of these sports were competitive gymnastics (up until 6th grade), tennis, water polo and swim which were played during her middle school years and some in the beginning of high school. When it comes to her free time, she loves to do it all. She enjoys traveling, hiking, visiting her family, and cooking/baking. Throughout her whole family, she’s the only person who doesn’t play an instrument; her parents wanted her to stick to one, but let’s just say she wasn’t the best when it comes to playing music.

Even though she’s a lovely person, like everyone, there are a few things that get on her nerves. A few being when people chew with their mouth open, when people litter, when people begin to talk while she is talking, and just gum in general. Related imageWhile we’re interviewing her, we discovered that one of her biggest phobias is claustrophobia which is a fear of being in small places. That wasn’t her only fear, another one being a fear of “sharks/fish touching her feet.” This makes sense because there was just a 7th grade CIMI trip and she wasn’t a fan of the water. Another fact that we found out while we were interviewing her is that one day she was working as a student teacher, and she confiscated a stink bomb (a device designed to create an unpleasant smell that are usually used as pranks) from a student during class. After school, she picked up the stink bomb from her desk to bring to the office, and she accidentally set it off herself!  The whole room smelled like rotten eggs and she stated that she was super embarrassed! Luckily the teacher that she was working with understood, and helped her air out the room.

Although you’ve probably only seen her at school, she does love to do many things at her house. One of these is playing with her kitten who she just adopted. Some others include walking on the beach and enjoying the ocean in the bright sun. There is one thing that Ms. Loth loves the most; hiking! She really enjoys hiking through new places and exploring the world. She also loves to cook, bake, and try new foods. Her favorite food in general is mashed potatoes, especially on Thanksgiving. You may not expect this but Ms. Loth does have a sweet tooth. Her favorite dessert is ice cream, specifically rocky road flavor which is a nice treat to have after a day of working.

Ms. Loth is an amazing teacher that is capable of many things. She works so hard to keep the students happy while they are at school, learning about so many new things in her science room. She loves to encourage her students so much that if she were to say one thing to them, it would be, “you are amazing and you should always stay true to themselves.” When students need help, Ms. Loth is always there for them, and that’s why so many people love her.