Things You May Not Know About the Tesla


The Tesla is an interesting car that can do interesting things. It has a touch screen in the front, that also allows you to do very many things. Tesla has an overview camera so you can see where the cars are. That is the very littlest thing the Tesla can do It is a new car, and people say that the car is the future.

The first Tesla that came out was in June 2016. The Tesla is a new car that is self-driving and electrical. Because it is self-driving, it can help with people that are blind or for people who have a problem with seeing. It can also help someone who would take their eyes off the road to look at something for whatever reason, but you can’t just get on the road, and just let the car drive you around the whole time. Their are laws, and there is a reason you have a driver’s license.They can use the self-driving mode so that they can still keep the car moving, without causing an accident. The car can navigate itself well, which is a huge improvement. When you are in traffic you can put the Tesla in autopilot, or when your on a call, and not worry about driving. The self driving can be pretty helpful at certain times

Since the Tesla runs on electricity, it creates less air pollution because there is no gas involved. To charge, you can have a normal Tesla cord and just plug it into a wall. The Tesla will charge slower, which would only be good if you charge at night. You have to buy one of the plugs from Tesla, which you need because you can’t charge your car without it. The plug will cost anywhere from 300-500 dollars depending on which Tesla you get. After you get a plug to charge your car, they will come to install it in your car so that you can charge it when you need. If you are on a road trip and you are running out of battery, you can stop somewhere that has the right plug to charge your Tesla. When the battery is at 60 percent, the Tesla still has 24+ hours of charge left on the car. On the Model S, the car can go 514 miles, going at a 45 mile per hour pace, on a full charge. You should be fine to stay driving for a while, but you never know when it might get close to running out. The Tesla battery can last a long time, so you should be okay to drive a long distance, with out running out of battery.

The reason the car is so popular is because of how much people love having a Tesla. When one person gets a Tesla, they might share it with their friends and tell them how much they love it. For example, the Tesla has a big iPad in the front of the car so it’s so much easier for people to use google maps to navigate themselves People absolutely love having this I-Pad because It allows you to listen to whatever music you want. Instead of looking through the radio for anything good, you can play whichever song you want. Which is a dream come true for some people, which is why people love it.

You would think Tesla isn’t a sports car but, you can have an option to change it to sports mode and it will act like a totally different car. For example when you change gears on a mountain bike, it will act totally different, like a Tesla. It has doors on the outside that open up and they look like wings on top of the car. Which they do, on some of their bigger models, it makes it easy to get in and out of the car.

Tesla is an amazing car, you can charge it in many places, it creates less pollution, and is genuinely fun to be in. Because Tesla cars run smoothly, you won’t have to feel the uncomfortably jerky car movements. The Tesla allows you to listen to whatever music you want, and you can use google maps on the big screen to find the fastest way to get to where you want to go.


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