Three of Fiji’s Most Extraordinary Islands

When you think of a tropical island, you may think of the Bahamas or Hawaii, but have you ever considered Fiji? Yasawa, Kadavu, and Denarau are three unique islands in Fiji in which we will explain their exquisiteness. They are all filled with natural beauty and sense of tranquility that will help you relax, have fun, and enjoy your vacation!

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Imagine being able to swim in crystal clear waters, on the beautiful islands of Yasawa. The Yasawa Islands are a chain of about 20 volcanic islands towards the Western part of Fiji, and its total area takes up about 135 kilometers. If you travel to this island, expect to be flopping onto your bed by the end of each day, for it is filled with activities that will take up every second of your time! On this island, travelers are usually drawn in by all of its beauty and experiences that can give you memories of a lifetime. For example, fishing, swimming, kayaking, sailing, diving with sharks, and yacht rides are all very popular activities to do on these islands. There are many places that you can snorkel in Yasawa’s pristine waters while swimming next to its exotic fish and coral. If you desire even more excitement, you may dive with the island’s friendly sharks. If that isn’t enough, you may also want to go on a mysterious journey to the Blue Lagoon Caves. Here, you can have a memorable experience as you swim through Yasawa’s elegant turquoise waters.

Fiji isn’t just one huge tropical beach, there is plenty of culture to experience as well. Tourists may also visit the neighboring village of Bukama. In Bukama, you can visit the school where children sing you a welcoming song. You may also view Yasawa’s culture at your resort, and be able to witness beautiful cultural dances. Oh by the way, before you go….make sure to ask permission of the island chief it you would to visit the village! Now lets visit the next island!

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When traveling to Kadavu you will be able to break free from all your daily worries. With only one small town, Kadavu is the perfect place to relax and entertain yourself! But, don’t let this island’s size surprise you!

“Kadavu is the ultimate island if you want to get back to nature.” You can go diving in one of the biggest reefs in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef, and experience beautiful rain forest treks. Here, you can visit the trees overlooking the beauty of the island. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to listen to the sweet, beautiful songs of the colorful birds. There are also kayaking tours, where you can swiftly travel along the mystical and silky waters of this island, offering you a great perspective of the alluring caves surrounding you.

If you look deep into Kadavu, you will see that there is culture to experience as well. For example, there are many traditional villages that are spread throughout Kadavu. Chiefs rule and govern these culturally unique villages, and if you are lucky, you may visit one of them! Kadavu is a magical place to travel, in which you can experience the culture and beauty of this island!

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Imagine the hot sand under your feet, the overlook of treetop terraces, palm trees, and a warm breeze passing by you. Welcome to Denarau Island! Denarau Island is filled with luxury all around, and has it all; from its resorts, to its stunning beaches and 18-hole championship golf course. It is one of the few islands that are much more “pampered” because of its luxurious accommodations, which makes it different to the island filled with nature, Kadavu.

Envision being able to start your day off with a wonderful breakfast, to then being able to travel to a lovely beach where you can see vibrantly colored reefs, teeming with sea life. This island not only has snorkeling but also an unforgettable experience of water skiing, jet skiing, and even a private boat tour of this extravagant island. You may also enjoy the shows held at some resorts that display the island’s culture. Even though it is smaller than most, Denarau will wisp you away with its opulence.

Fiji is filled with many rare islands that not only bring on amazing adventures, but a new view of beauty as well. To visit each location, there is a boat that you can take from island to island. Starting in the Yasawa, you will be able to experience its eye-catching elegance underneath the surface of its waters, its amusing activities, and its culture. There is also Kadavu Island. Here you wake up to birds singing you their alluring song every day, as you begin to get ready for your fun snorkeling adventure. Lastly, there is Denarau Island. Even though this island is smaller than most, be ready for each adventure that will leave you no time to spare. In conclusion, these three Fijian Islands will give you memories that will last a lifetime!

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Three of Fiji’s Most Extraordinary Islands