Princesses & Cast: Behind the Scenes.

Princesses & Cast: Behind the Scenes.


Have you ever heard the term “Disneyland is the happiest place on earth!” Well I hate to break it to you, but there’s more to Disneyland than you think you know. Everything you see or hear may just be an illusion. All the cast members smiling, how they sometimes appear out of nowhere, no one is screaming and there’s hardly any litter.  All that could fool a guest in seconds… But is it really that perfect?


Let’s begin by going over what it is like to work as one of the famous characters from Disney. Cast members are never allowed to tell friends and family what character they portray. However, they can say things like “I’m really good friends with Mickey Mouse.” But that’s as far as their allowed to go, so they don’t ruin the magic. They’re also not allowed to work unless they have their character’s signature down perfectly. If a cast member says, “Have a Disney day!” don’t get too excited. When cast members says that, it’s their way of saying ‘go away’.  If a Disneyland character is seen with the same character from another side of the park, both of them will be fired immediately as it ruins the ‘Disney magic’. There are some funny things about working at Disney though. For example if a cast member says “We’ve got a 405 on line 2” that means that there is someone attractive on that aisle/line.

This next fact is a very popular fact that most Disney fans know.  A family was upset and attacked a lady who was working as Pluto at the time. They pushed her in the fountain because she had to go on her break, and couldn’t take anymore pictures. She ended up breaking her arm and her leg.

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Cast member aren’t always as happy as they seem. They can work from 2 hours a day up to all day. They get paid $17.80 every hour. The casting process is very difficult, and if you want to audition for a Disney princess, it’s even harder. Most times there are up to 300 girls applying for the same princess! You have to be around 5’4 to 5’7 to get the role of a Disney princess. And you have to meet a certain level of requirements. Those include being at most 30 years old, perfecting your signature, being able to do your own makeup, having physical features of the princess, knowing the Disney film the princess stars in very well, and most importantly you have to know how to act like a princess in any situation no matter what. Along with having to know many things, a princess must arrive an hour ahead of time to do makeup and put their wig and costume on. A typical Disney member works from 4:00 am to 3:00 am the next day! That’s around a 23 hour shift! A Disney princess works up to 9 hours a day. 40 minutes for meet and greets, and a 20 minute break is the most they do, but occasionally they walk around the park taking pictures with kids who don’t see them right away. There are times they work extra hours, only for parades or shows like the picture above. In all there are a ton of amazing, hardworking cast members at Disney.  So next time you see a cast member of any sorts, be nice because they’re probably really tired and exhausted.