Conspiracy Theory: Was the First Moon Landing Staged?


One small step for man! One giant leap to nowhere! Many considered that the moon landing was real while others think that NASA lied and the moon landing was just a production. There are many different reasons to believe that the first moon landing was just an act. This is what we will be informing, it was US flag waving, the lack of stars, and no blast crater under Lunar Module, these “clues” lead people to believe the landing was staged. The workers of NASA have supposedly lost the pictures of the landing that happened almost 50 years ago, but how on Earth do we still have objects from about 2000 years ago?

Apollo 11 was the spacecraft that landed “the very first people to land on the moon”, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They told the people of the US that they “safely” landed on July 20th 1969. NASA says they reasons to why the moon landing was not fake.  They said “Aldrin was twisting the flagpole to get the moon soil, which caused the flag to move”. Even after Aldrin put “apollo”(a pole-o) in, it still continuously moved.  

But how could something so grand all be an act?Theorists have suggested that the filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick may have helped NASA set up the first lunar landing, proving that his film in 1986, “2001: A Space Odyssey” shows that the technology existed in that time to  create a spacelike set, to fool people in think that they landed. The US government has lied about other things, which makes them more unreliable about the landing. However, pointing out that the US government is capable of lying does not prove that it lied about Apollo.

But why would America go through all this to begin with? Beating the Russians, NASA hoped they could fool people by setting a stage of landing on the moon. A large population accepted that NASA had just put on an act, so they could beat the Russians to the moon. Filmed in either Hollywood Hills or deep in Area 51, Aldrin was being filmed planting the US flag in the moon. That turns out that they maybe weren’t actually in outer space. There is no possible way for the flag to be moving in space if they were in a vacuum. Part of a population, who have viewed the photo, have seen the flag in some sort of a waving motion.

Have you ever seen the stars shining in the night? In the picture you can’t have that memory of seeing the beautiful stars! The evidence of NASA landing on Earth’s moon had no stars in the back. When in reality, space is filled with stars. Records that been shown that there are 100 billion stars in one galaxy alone. How possibly could there be no stars in the setting of the picture? Cameras were in a place to be in a convincing angle that showed bright astronauts wearing white suits from the highly reflective Lunar Module, not the light of stars in dark space.

In conclusion, NASA was desperate to beat the Russians to the moon, so they faked the lunar landing and put up an act! Many people from around the world believe that the first moon landing was fake and staged. It was just to beat the Russians for the first people..Those reasons consist of the flag moving in a waving motion when there is no wind in space because it is in a vacuum. Moreover, there are no stars in the background, even when there are billions of stars in one galaxy! Individuals believe that the filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick may have helped NASA fool people that the first lunar landing was real. We don’t know if the moon landing was really real, but there are some suspicions.