Top Three Most Beautiful Beaches in the World


          You look past the dozens of rainbow umbrellas and palm trees spotted with coconuts and see thirty miles of white, red, and black sand beaches. Congratulations, you have made it to one of the top beaches in the world! We will be talking about the three most magnificent beaches in the world. These beaches will amuse you with their crystal clear waters, and beautiful features. If you are looking for a new vacation spot to relax, kayak, snorkel with exotic animals, or just have a fun time, then these locations may be your answer.

          Picture yourself fifty feet high in the air while parasailing, looking out at the dolphins jumping playfully in the 84 degree, sparkling blue waters. Welcome to Phuket, Thailand! This island has it all! From parasailing, kayaking, boat


rides, and to even just relaxing in the sun getting a nice tan. Phuket has over thirty beaches of golden and white sand, right next to the pristine, clear waters.The island’s weather is cool from November to February, hot from March to May, and rainy from May to October, to avoid hurricanes. Its best to visit Phuket when it is cool. However, the waters will still be warm. Phuket’s beautiful features,  blue waters, and golden sand beaches makes it one of the top three most gorgeous beaches in the world.

          Envision walking on golden sand staring out at the dozens of sailors gliding across the beautiful Southern Pacific Ocean. You feel the sun’s warmth against your cheek and immediately feel joyful. You see the volleyball tournament surrounded by people. Welcome to Whitehaven Beach! With its’ seven kilometers of incredible white sand, Whitehaven

Beach creates a beautiful destination to visit. When compared to regular beach sand that consists of uneven bits of minerals, the silica sand is of a finer grain. It has many attractions for curious tourists. You can sail, swim, relax, or spot turtles and other marine life whenever you want. The best time to go is late November through to late March because the waters are warm and the climate isn’t too harsh. It has no palm trees or shade, so make sure to bring sunscreen! Whitehaven beach, Australia is no doubt one of the most marvelous beaches out there.

          Visualize yourself laying on the warm sand, looking left and right and only seeing the long stretch of beautiful beaches scattered with seashells. Now you are at the beautiful beaches of Maui! This island has everything from swimming, spearfishing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Maui has vast stretches of white, gold, black, and red beaches.

The most popular time for tourists to come and admire the astonishing island is from November-February when it is cooler and temperatures vary from 68 to 88 degrees. On Maui Island, there are 120 miles of accessible beach, which is more than any other of the other eight Hawaiian Islands. Maui has been voted “Best Island in the World” more that sixteen times, and will most likely continue to be selected for this honor. So if you are looking for a great time, make sure you consider this breathtaking island!

          Overall, these three stunning islands will fill all your needs, whether you are looking for an eventful, or relaxing vacation. Phuket, Whitehaven Beach, and Maui Island, the top three most beautiful beaches in the world, have it all!