Who Was Behind the Bullet?


You are sitting on the side of the road filled with people. You look up ahead to see an open top car with The President of the United States of America. Once the car turns the corner you hear a loud bang. You realize it’s coming from the window behind you. You hear two more loud banging noises as the the car speeds away. You find out the next morning that the president had been killed. This was the Assassination of JFK…or at least that’s what we’ve all been taught. In this article we will be explaining who was behind the shooting, what was the motive, and why did the shooter pull off this mysterious stunt.


Here are some key details Assassination.  On November 22, 1963 John Franklin Kennedy was Assassinated in Dallas, Texas, while greeting the city people along a motorcade route. The sole shooter’s name is Lee Harvey Oswald. The gun he used was a Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5-Millimeter Italian Rifle. Oswald shot the gun from the far right sixth-floor window from the Texas School Book Depository. Apparently, three shots were fired from Oswald’s rifle. The first shot missed. The second shot, entered JFK’s neck, shot Senator John B. Connally Jr. in the shoulder and exited through the right side of his chest, and finally ended up in the Senator’s knee. And the third shot, a fatal hit in president Kennedy’s head. The second shot seems nearly impossible, due to one bullet hitting two bodies and many limbs in the process. Not just the fact that the bullet went through so many people, the fact that Oswald shot this bullet out of the window on the sixth story of a building at a moving car. Many people to this day blame the motorcade route today due to how many turns it had, making the car slow down while driving. Yet there isn’t very much evidence about the theory, because Jack Ruby, a member of the Dallas Police Department, killed Oswald a couple days after the Assassination. So we may never know if there was more than one shooter.


The second theory, is that Lee Harvey Oswald, was working for the Soviet Union. There was clearly strong tensions in between the two nations in the Cold War, and Oswald has also tried to defect to the Soviet Union before hand. Some people even theorized, that Oswald was acting as an agent for the U.S.S.R.  Apparently, Oswald was at the Russian embassy in Mexico City a few weeks before the Assassination. But it is worth mentioning that Oswald would not be the best option for the Russians, due to Oswald’s strong ties to the country, which could cast suspicion for the United States. It’s possible if the Russians were to do a double bluff, but it is extremely unlikely that the Russians would pull that card.


The third and final theory, is that the C.I.A., or the Central Intelligence Agency  was behind the whole entire Assassination. Allen Dulles, the former head of the C.I.A, was part the Warren Commission, which was the investigation about the entire assassination. Also, the C.I.A withheld information from that commission.  The C.I.A. could have possibly asked Oswald to carry out the hit, because he was a known Communist and Russian sympathizer. The C.I.A. might have also wanted to have a plot the assassinate the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro after the Bay of Pigs invasion. But Kennedy might have wanted to have a different agenda, so the C.I.A. wanted to assassinate him. Also during that Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy refused to add additional support, despite the C.I.A. wanting to add extra protection.


In the end, the Assassination of JFK has been a nation wide mystery for over five decades, and is still a conspiracy to this day. We might never know what actually happened before or after the trigger was pulled. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Were their other gunmen? Was the C.I.A. involved? Or did the Russians pull off this mysterious stunt? I guess we will never know. Or will we?