The Symbols and Emotions of Sesame Street Characters

The Symbols and Emotions of Sesame Street Characters

If  you watched Sesame Street when we were little, then you should know that different characters make you feel a certain way when you watch them. For example, when you watch the cookie monster on Sesame Street, he makes you hungry when he eats all those delicious cookies. One thing that we liked most about Sesame Street was how all the characters represented different emotions. Even though you might not notice it, Sesame characters all have different emotions that they are meant to portray, which makes it easy for children and even adults to relate too.

Elmo is definitely the has the easiest emotion to discover. Yeah, you guessed it,  Elmo’s emotion is happiness or being optimistic. Elmo is the character that always puts a smile on a child’s face when they had a bad day. For example, Elmo has a high pitched voice that makes everybody laugh.

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The Cookie Monster also also has a pretty easy symbol to find. The Cookie Monster eats all the time, so you are correct if you thought his emotion was hunger. The Cookie Monster is very relatable to children because they are always snacking or eating something. For example, the Cookie Monster eats every cookie he can find, and little kids put everything they can find in their mouths. 

Everybody who has watched Sesame Street knows that Ernie and Bert are always fighting, and even though that it is tough to figure out, their symbol is friendship. Though they fight most scenes we see of they them they still still always stick together no matter what happens. Ernie and Bert are very relatable to kids and adults because, when kids and adults spend to much time with their friends they start to fight a lot, but if they are true friend they will help the other through the good and the bad, like Ernie and Bert.

Oscar the Grouch has some pretty easy emotions to find. Oscar the Grouch’s emotions even start in the name “Oscar the Grouch”, one of his emotions is grouchy. In the show Sesame Street Oscar always either doesn’t want to talk to anyone, yells at them or just doesn’t like the person. Oscar is green and lives in a trash can, that can also tell you how Oscar acts.  Children can relate to this when they’re mad or just grouchy.

In conclusion, Sesame Street characters have many different emotions. All the emotions and symbols help Sesame Street watchers understand understand the lessons of life. To sum it up Elmo is optimism, Cookie Monster is hunger, Bert and Ernie show a symbol of friendship and last but not least Oscar the Grouch is grumpy. Over all, the Sesame characters have a symbol that they are meant to portray to make the show not only interesting, but also makes the show easier to understand. For example, big bird always builds people up when the sad or scared because her symbol is kindness she is always kind to people, and helps them with their needs. At the end of the day Sesame Street has many characters with many crazy emotions that make the show not only entertaining but also teaches kids and adults through the symbols or the emotions that the characters portray.