Six Critically Endangered Animals On Planet Earth

The endangered animals of our world are truly mesmerizing, and us humans must change the way we live in order to keep them alive.

You have all been to a zoo, right?  Those mesmerizing animals you see are endangered, and us humans are the main reason why. From poaching to fishing, we are the ones killing these unique creatures. But, us humans can also help the endangered animals of the world by fundraising, adopting, or even just picking up trash on the beach. Before you do this, though, you need to know about these magnificent animals.

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker:

Previously thought to be extinct, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker is one of the most endangered species on Earth. It is a carnivorous bird with a beautiful red crest on its head. According to National Geographic, its population is currently decreasing. These woodpeckers live in the eastern United States, but not very many are left due to forest destruction. Discovering this bird not to be extinct was  “the birding equivalent of finding Elvis alive” (National Geographic). Ivory-billed Woodpeckers are proven to still exist, yet there have been no confirmed sightings of them since 1944.

Amur Leopard:

The Amur Leopard is a peculiar type of predator that can only be found in far-east Russia. It is an elite hunter that can run up to 37 miles per hour, jump forward 19 feet, and jump up to 10 feet. That’s like jumping onto a full-size NBA basketball hoop! However, this amazing leopard is being poached for its delicate fur and is rarely ever seen in its natural habitat of eastern Russia. It is very unfortunate how us humans are killing these beautiful leopards, just for some furry jackets.

Javan Rhino:

The Javan Rhino is critically endangered with only 60 left in the entire world. These giant creatures used to live all over Thailand and Vietnam, but are now only found on a small peninsula in Indonesia. In fact, the last Vietnamese Javan Rhino was poached in 2010. This animal is so heavy, a full grown Javan Rhino can weigh up to 5000 pounds. These amazing creatures are going extinct because of natural disasters, disease, and of course, poaching.


The Vaquita, a dolphin-like porpoise living in the Gulf of Mexico, is on the brink of extinction. 30 remained last year, but now only 12 still survive. The Vaquita is the rarest, most endangered marine animal on Earth. Similar to the Amur Leopard, Vaquitas are killed by humans. Illegal fishermen are guilty of this endangerment, as they use gill nets which drown the air breathing Vaquita. If illegal catching is not stopped, the Vaquita will be extinct soon.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle:

The Hawksbill Sea Turtle is another critically endangered animal because, it has lost 90% of its already small population in the last 100 years. They lost 80% of that in only 10 years! Can you believe that? The Hawksbill Sea Turtle weighs up to 150 pounds and is 30 to 35 inches long. It lives in warm, tropical shorelines, and can live up to 50 years. Hawksbills are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. It is critically endangered because of illegal wildlife trade that has been going on in Madagascar, loss of nesting places, and pollution.

Cross River gorilla 

The Cross River gorilla species is in danger from disease, and it is the most endangered of the African apes. The Western Lowland gorilla is the higher classification of this primate, which means it is a subspecies. This is another reason why it is so rare. When you think about it, the Cross River Gorilla is a specific species of gorilla within another specific species. This means there is less chance of a Western Lowland gorilla to be a Cross River Gorilla. The poaching level of gorillas are low, but a complete stop to poaching would help these unique animals stay alive.


The endangered animals of the world are both interesting and beautiful, but in order to keep endangered animals alive, us humans must make a change. Javan Rhinos and Vaquita will soon become extinct unless we stop poaching and killing them. Humans can help as well. We can do many things to help these extravagant creatures thrive. Endangered animals are some of the most fascinating, talented animals on planet earth.



Efforts continue to save vaquita porpoise

Javan Rhino