Top 5 Popular YouTubers


Have you had nothing to do and you just relax and watch YouTube? If you don’t you should start watching it and this article will tell you about 5 of the most popular YouTubers. Emma Chamberlain, The Dolan Twins, James Charles, Liza Koshy, and Shane Dawson all are very popular. If you put all their subscribers together it will be the amount of people in California. These YouTubers all have a great sense of humour and contain great content.

Shane Dawson who joined YouTube in 2010, currently is striding with over 18,000,000 subscribers. That is almost the entire population of Florida! He has gained more subscribers in the past month because of his new series with Jake Paul, another very popular YouTuber. He has a net worth of about 4 million dollars. Shane Dawson is also very popular for his many crazy conspiracy theories about aliens, plane crashes, and disappearances. He also makes videos with famous stars like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau and many others.

Emma Chamberlain, a fairly new YouTuber, who joined YouTube in June of 2016. Emma has a really funny sense of humor. On her channel she does lifestyle videos, videos such as attempting to do diys, vlogs, and tons of comedy videos. Emma has 5 million subscribers and has had a huge subscriber growth in 2018. Currently, her net worth is $2 million.  The sister squad, including James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and the Dolan Twins, are a lot of people’s favorite group of YouTubers to watch. The sister squad creates videos such as vlogs, and challenges. Since they all do different types of videos, they are a perfect group of friends to watch to get a variety of content.

James Charles, a model, YouTuber, and a popular beauty guru, who does makeup tutorials and challenge videos joined YouTube in 2015. James started his career by doing his makeup for his senior high school yearbook photo and posing, acting like he was doing his makeup during the shoot. The picture went viral. Covergirl sent out him an email wanting to met James. Later, James Charles became the first male covergirl in 2016. James always refers to his subscribers as sisters. He always starts his videos saying, ‘Hey sisters!’ James currently has 9M “sisters,” and is striding through the makeup community.

The Dolan Twins, who started YouTube in 2013, make a variety type of videos. They make videos like skits, and pranks.The Dolan Twins include  Ethan and Grayson Dolan. They are 19 years old and live in Los Angeles. They have 6 million subscribers and their net worth is about 1 million dollars.  Ethan and Grayson are in the sister squad with James Charles, and Emma Chamberlain. Their videos are super funny and interesting. The Dolan Twins are great YouTubers and have awesome videos that you should watch.

Liza Koshy is famous for her comedy videos and skits. Her and David Dobrik, another YouTuber famous for vlogs, were dating. They were everyone’s favorite couple until their break up this past year. She has 16 million subscribers and is America’s sweetheart YouTuber. Liza is also known for her many different characters she plays as in her videos.  

In conclusion, Shane Dawson, Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, the Dolan Twins, and Liza Koshy all are popular YouTubers. They all have a variety of content and great senses of humor. People love their jokes, skits, tutorials, and other types of content. You should definitely click on their channels the next time you are bored.

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