The World’s Deadliest Plants

The World's Deadliest Plants

The world has many plants that are hazardous to humans and animals alike. It is important to be aware of these plants and their toxins in case of an encounter in the wild. The Manchineel tree is a very deadly and well-known tree to easily kill living things (such as animals, plants, and people.) The Poison Hemlock is a beautiful plant that, when touched, will spread it toxins inside your skin and kill you. Another lethal plant (that can actually be used as a poison) is the Atropa Belladonna. These plants will all kill you if given the chance, so be careful!

Related imageThe Manchineel tree is one of the world’s most deadly plants. The fruit, sap, and leaves are poisonous enough to kill a human. The sap from this tree can cause painful blisters on the skin, as well as inflammations. If you were to get any sap into your eye, you would be temporarily blinded. Even standing underneath this tree is extremely dangerous. If you ever run into this tree, do not touch it and, whatever you do, do not eat the fruit. The fruit from the manchineel tree is very poisonous and if consumed you might not die, but you will be in a lot of pain. There is only one known animal that is immune to the manchineel tree: the iguana. So, unless you’re an iguana, you should stay far, far, away.

The Poison Hemlock may be a very pretty flower, but you should never pick one. The Poison Hemlock is extremely dangerous. Its poison is deadly to humans and many other animals. Touching Poison Hemlock is bad for your skin and will cause irritation. The poison could then get inside your skin, leading to failure in the muscular, nervous, and respiratory systems. If you were to eat a Poison Hemlock, you would meet a very painful demise. After touching and/or eating this plant, symptoms show from 20 minutes to 3 hours later. The Poison Hemlock plant is native to Europe and North Africa, so if you’re somewhere else you’ll be fine. The Poison Hemlock is a very deadly plant, and although you are not guaranteed to die after encountering it, you will be in a lot of pain.

Image result for atropa belladonnaThe Atropa Belladonna, more commonly known as Deadly Nightshade, is a very toxic plant that can be used as poison. This plant was used to murder numerous Roman Emperors, as well as others in that time period. The toxins from the Atropa Belladonna can cause problems in the parasympathetic nervous system. Some of the symptoms of this plant include hallucinations, dilated pupils, delirium, vomiting, and a rapid heartbeat. Like the Poison Hemlock, the Atropa Belladonna toxins can be absorbed through the skin. One known antidote is the Calabar bean. Unless you have a Calabar bean handy, be careful in Europe, North Africa, or Western Asia, where the Atropa Belladonna is native. The Atropa Belladonna is a very murderous plant that you would not want to run into.  

Image result for do not touchThere are many deadly plants to be aware of on Earth, but only three of the millions can be featured in this article. The Manchineel tree is a deadly tree that kills millions of animals (and other plants) each year. The Poison Hemlock, as stated beforehand, is a toxic flower-looking plant that can cause extreme pain and, in some cases, death. Deadly Nightshade, or Atropa Belladonna, is an extremely dangerous plant with poisonous berries. Just a few berries will kill a child. These three plants are just a few of the many interesting plants in the world. 

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