World Records You Could Beat In A Day


Have you ever wanted to have your name in the Guinness Book of World Records, but don’t know any easy challenges that  you could beat? In this article, there are some challenges that are pretty simple, but will take a couple tries to beat. Hopefully, your name will pop up in the 2019 book of world records!

1. Most Jell-O Eaten With Chopsticks in One Minute

Current record: 25 ounces 2

If you can use chopsticks, this one’s for you! Simply choose any flavor Jell-O, put one hand behind your back, and eat! The current record holder is Andre Ortolf, who completed this record on February 6, 2017 in Germany. 25 ounces is a lot it’s about 8 Jell-O cups. To compare to something it is almost like eating 8 tennis balls.

2. Most Sticky Notes On Your Face in Thirty Seconds

Current record: 38 sticky notes

Probably the easiest of this list, that requires absolutely no skill at all, is putting sticky notes on your face. If you can put a single sticky note on your face, you can certainly put 38 on too. For this challenge, the rules are the sticky notes have to be at least 73 mm on each side and the sticky notes have to be placed individually. Currently, Silvio Sabba is the record holder. He has been holding this record since April 18, 2018.

3. Most Tennis Balls Held In One Hand

Current record: 26 tennis balls 

Especially easy for people with big hands, this record requires you to hold at least 27 tennis balls in order to break the record. No cheating! The tennis balls have to stay in your hand for at least 5 seconds after the last tennis ball is placed. Silvio Sabba is the current record world record holder for this event and is the also record holder  for the sticky note record and fastest time to put 24 cans in a fridge. However, he has been holding for longer, since October 1, 2015.

4.Fastest Time To Type The Alphabet

Current record: 3.37 seconds

Great at typing?  This one’s for you. All you need to do is type the alphabet on a laptop/computer in under 3.37 seconds and you’ve got this one beat! SK Ashraf has held this record since October 10, 2017, and it doesn’t look like anyone has tried to beat him since.

5. Fastest Time to Drink 500mL Of Water

Current record: 1.75 seconds

This one may be a little bit more challenging, but with some practice and determination, you might be able to beat it. Either pour yourself a glass of water or just buy a 500 ml bottle of water and chug it in less than 1.75 seconds. This insane time was set by Tim Cocker on December 9, in the UK.  

6. Most Yogurt Eaten In a Minute

Current record: 1685 grams

1,685 grams may seem like a lot, but really, it’s only about 5 cups. With some willpower this one is pretty simple. All you have to do is eat a little over 5 cups of yogurt in one minute and you’ll beat it. Currently Andre Ortolf currently holds this record, as well as eating the most Jell-o with chopsticks. He completed this on March 25, 2017, in Germany.

7. Fastest Time To Assemble Mr. Potato Head With a Blindfold

Current record: 15.58 seconds

In my opinion, this one is pretty hard, but doable. To beat Sam Homewood, the current record holder, assemble a Mr. Potato head with a blindfold on under 15 seconds. Sam Homewood assembled his Mr. Potato head on January 17, 2018 in the UK.

8. Most Coins Stacked in a Tower in 30 Seconds

Current record: 51 coins

This one might seem like the easiest one on the list, but seeing that no one has beaten him in six years tells me otherwise. Stephen Kish set this record of 51 coins on September 18, 2012. Simply stack coins that are no taller than 3 mm, until 30 seconds is up. Stephen Kish set this record of 51 coins on September 18, 2012!

9. Most Marshmallows Eaten in One Minute

Current record: 25 marshmallows

Probably the most fun, most delicious record of them all, because all you have to do is eat marshmallows! To do this all you will need are standard size marshmallows, not giant or mini. Eat one marshmallow at a time with no water or other drink. Anthony Falzon has been the record holder since March 25, 2013, and completed this in Malta.

10. Fastest Time to put 24 cans in a Fridge

Current record: 5.78 seconds

This one sounds really simple. Just put 24 cans in the fridge, one at a time. You must start with the fridge closed and the cans unopened. Silvio Sabba, again, has set this world record along with the most sticky notes on your face in one minute and the most tennis balls in one hand.


In conclusion, these records may be weird or seem easy, but they are much harder than you think. If you end up beating a record, click on the record you beat fill out a short questionnaire and then someone for Guinness World Records will come to your house and watch you beat the record.