Ms. Snyder


You sit in a colorful classroom, staring at the teacher in front of you. She is taking quick, sure steps as she walks over to her desk, her brown, wavy hair swaying back and forth. She turns to face the class, showing everyone her bright smile and large brown eyes that stand out behind her glasses. She starts to speak about the most recent English topic when she stops talking. “Oh Gosh,” she says, “I just lost my train of thought”. There is a second of silence, “Okay…” the class chuckles. Then, as her thoughts come back to her, her face lights up, “Right!” and she continues talking.

Ms. Snyder is the 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher. If you have never been lucky enough to have had her as a teacher, then you probably have seen her walking around campus with a large smile on her face or heard stories about her kind, funny personality that shines through in class. I chose to write about Ms. Snyder and her bubbly personality because she is easily one of my favorite teachers of all time. She is kind and funny, but still professional, in class. Her personality and sense of humor always will keep the class engaged, even when the topic she is teaching isn’t really interesting them.

Because I love her and her class so much, I had an interview with her to learn more about her outside of school and in the past. Ms. Snyder grew up in Santa Clarita. Something not widely known about her is that she was a cheerleader in high school. After high school, Ms. Snyder went to Cal State Long Beach, where she studied history and comparative literature. Ms. Snyder says that she loved studying comparative literature because “in Comp Lit, you just sit in a circle and talk about the book you read and that’s like the greatest thing you could ever do.”.  When I asked her what her plans for the future were, she simply responded with, “to make it through this year.”

Even though it may be hard to believe, Ms. Snyder was also once a student. Ms. Snyder said that growing up, her favorite subjects were English because she loved reading, and history because she is very interested in the past. Ms. Snyder also said that she, “loved the lectures of people just talking to me about stuff that they are so knowledgeable about.” Ms. Snyder also says that the reason she wanted to be a teacher originates from her childhood. She says that “When I was little I always wanted to write on the whiteboards and I always had just really great teachers.”. This inspired her to become a teacher later on in her life. Something instantly likable about Ms. Snyder is that she is very welcoming and inclusive. She always smiles at you and says ‘hi’ even if she has never met you before. It seems that this has come from her childhood. Ms. Snyder has spoken about how she always loved going to her grandmother’s house in Las Vegas as a child because while there, she would play with her family and friends while doing fun stuff she technically isn’t supposed to do, like sliding down the stairs on mattresses.

As for Ms. Snyder’s teaching career, Ms. Snyder loves teaching. She says that this is because of the students. “I just think you guys are so funny and sweet”. She also said that she likes to teach English because it is the easiest spot to “see the light bulb go off”. This means that she likes to watch her students improve over time in her classes and get to the point where everything suddenly makes sense in English, whether it is in a spot of English that you are struggling with or love and just gained a deeper understanding for. Something many people love about having Ms. Snyder as a teacher is her fun teaching methods. Ms. Snyder tends to use fun teaching methods like escape rooms, colorful worksheets, postcards, and playlists to teach us and keep us interested instead of lecturing us and having us take tons of notes. This makes her classes something to look forward to every time you come to school. Ms. Snyder says that if she could give one piece of advice to her students, it would be to “Try. There is nothing wrong with trying. Making mistakes and learning from them is really important but if you don’t even try then there is nothing to improve on. So I think trying is everything.”.

In conclusion, Ms. Snyder is an incredible teacher with an incredible personality that shines through when she is inside the classroom and when she isn’t. She uses fun teaching methods and humor to keep the class engaged, and as a result, the class loves her. What I think I will remember most about Ms. Snyder in the future is her bubbly personality and fun sense of humor in class because it stands out so much. Overall, Ms.Snyder is an extraordinary teacher and an extraordinary person.