Famous Movie Locations


Did you know some famous movies are filmed at special locations? Some of these locations are places that you can actually visit and explore. In this article, we’ll be talking about some of these famous locations. From the firehouse in Ghostbusters to Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter.

The Hook & Ladder, Company #8, is a very famous movie location. It is better known as the Firehouse from the popular movie, Ghostbusters. It is located in New York. Did you know that it is actually a real New York fire department? It’s on 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca, which is a town in Manhattan, NY. Fun fact: This Firehouse was declared by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission a Historical Cultural Monument.

If you go visit Scotland, you can go visit the famous place where the Hogwarts express would go through, in the famous movie series Harry Potter. This wonderful place in Scotland was also used for scenes in the Hogwarts grounds. They also used this area to film a scene with a significant person’s grave (No Spoilers!). This place in Scotland is very natural and is filled with trees, grasses and beautiful flowers everywhere. Another place from the famous Harry Potter series you can go to is Hogwarts. The Hogwarts castle is the main location in the famous series, Harry Potter. It is one of the several schools that wizards will go to to learn magic. The well known Hogwarts castle is located in England, but there is a twist… Hogwarts castle is not just one place it is actually multiple places scattered around England. One of the Hogwarts castle locations was actually the Gloucester Cathedral, which is a church dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Now, we are going to talk about a place that was built by the actor Dick Curtis, Roy Rogers and, Gene Autry to be used as a film set. This place is called Pioneertown, in the California desert. You can find it located by Joshua Tree National Park. Pioneertown is a wild west themed town. It has dirt roads and wooden homes. This place is not like most movie sets. Usually, movie sets are fake, and occasionally they will shot them in real places. For Pioneertown that is just not the case. This is because this place was made to double as a real town. Here is an ironic fact about Pioneertown it was never used as the main location to shoot a big movie scene like it was made for so, only 2 small scenes ended being upshot there. Over 50 television series ended up being shot in Pioneertown.

When you are on a trip to Dallas you can go to the OCP headquarters from the movie Robocop. Even though the original Robocop movie took place in Detroit, Michigan, the OCP headquarters is in Dallas. The headquarters is actually the Dallas city hall. Fun Fact: in the movie they used matte paintings to make the building appear taller.

Now that we have told you some famous movie locations you can go visit them if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you could go to Hogwarts castle in England or if you like a wild west setting you could go to Pioneertown in California.