The Astounding Great Barrier Reef

This article about this eye-opening reef will not be a waste of your time.


Have you ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef? It’s a really beautiful and tropical place. You can go diving and look at how beautiful it is. The Great Barrier Reef is located around Queensland, Australia. Currently, some parts of the reef  are dying, but the Australian government is trying as hard as they can to keep it alive. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the prettiest living things on earth and it may be in danger.

The Great Barrier Reef is about 134,643 miles long and is the largest living thing on earth. The reef covers about the size of Japan! Fun fact, it can even be seen from outer space! The Great Barrier Reef contains 2,900 individual types of coral. In other words, the Great Barrier Reef is very big. As you can imagine, for something this big to be dying, it’s a big deal. The Australian foundation has partnered with many other fundraiser foundations and together they are trying to save enough money to help and attempt to save the reef.   

The Great Barrier Reef has been living for about 500,000 years. But now, it is dying and has been endangered since 2016. This is the effect of humans swimming in it. When someone goes snorkeling, scuba diving or diving, they usually step on the coral, causing it to break and die. People also dump trash in the ocean, this causes fish and sea animals to die. When small fish die, the bigger animals that eat the small fish need to find a new place to live. Because of this there are not as many animals living in the Great Barrier Reef anymore.

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Not all hope is lost for the Great Barrier Reef, one of the largest coral systems. The Australian government has raised over 500 million dollars towards reef protection. The Great Barrier reef foundation partnered with the foundation together raised 444 million dollars. There have also been laws made to protect the reef from divers that damage the reef. According to the reef foundation, they’re trying to bring the reef back and will hopefully be healthy by 2050. In conclusion, the Great Barrier Reef has many people trying to save it.

Although the Great Barrier Reef is in danger there is a small chance that it will be saved and then soon people could swim and dive in it again. Since the Reef is a very populated area to swim and dive at, people are relying on the government to help save the reef. To see more of the Great Barrier Reef, the amazing Mr. Coleman went there this past summer.

To summarize, the Great Barrier Reef is an eye opening sight to see, but is in danger due to the ignorance of people who swim in it. You won’t even believe how large it is and how long it has existed. Even though it’s in danger the Australian government is trying hard to save it and raising money to help the Great Barrier Reef. In closing, the Great Barrier Reef is beautiful, but even though it’s in danger they are trying to save it so people can enjoy it for years and years to come.


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