Math is Important in Everyday Life: Fact, or Fiction?

Math is Important in Everyday Life: Fact, or Fiction?


Have you ever been sitting in math, and wondered why you even need math? Does math really matter outside of school? This story is about history of math, and why math is and is not relevant outside of school. You use math in everyday life, but there are some things about math that you don’t need outside of school such as the concept of Pi, yet you need to know basic things such as conversions to measure things like your room. Continue reading to see if math matters or not.

Math was first used by the Sumerians in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. They used specific symbols for numbers before numbers were created.  The Indians invented a combination of 10 digits, meaning the digits from 1 to 10. It is a place-value system, which means a zero is necessary for arithmetic operations. In the 12 century, Italian mathematician, Fibonacci, also known as Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, introduced the Arabic number system to Europe. Some of the most amazing mathematics were Isaac Newton, Carl Gauss, and of course, Albert Einstein. Math has an amazing history.

“Does math matter after school? Well, the answer is yes!”  You need math everywhere, some examples are at the grocery store when you need to count out how much money you have left or just telling time. Ms.Gonzalez a 6th grade math teacher at Hermosa Valley school states, “Of course you need math to tell time!” Therefore, you need math everywhere, even out of school!

Lots of people have mixed feelings about math after school, and if it matters. Mr. Hazard, a 7th grade math teacher at Hermosa Valley School states, “When you get higher in math some of that math doesn’t matter.” Those higher math levels include Calculus and Trigonometry,  which is a type of geometry. But that doesn’t mean math doesn’t matter. Math is very important no matter how you think about it. Some examples of using math out of school are at a restaurant figuring out a bill, or hanging pictures. One example of math not being important out of school is the use of equations.

In conclusion, the history of math is crazy, long and amazing.  Math matters whether you are in school or not, and math is everywhere. Now, think about it, if you don’t like math, it’s everywhere you go, whether you are looking at the clock or just at the grocery store. Shown in paragraph two, math traveled all over the world before it became world wide, thanks to Leonardo Pisano Bigollo. Also shown in paragraph 3, the paragraph says that once you get into higher levels in math you don’t really use the math. You use a lot of math that we learn when we are longer, yet when we get older we tend to not use it as much.