The Future Lakers

Will the Lakers live up to their expectation?


With the Lakers’ new team, people expect them to do very well, but will that be the case? Fans assume that the new Lakers roster will lead them to multiple championships, which may be true. According to FiveThirtyEight, LeBron James, who has been in the last seven championships, will boost their projected wins from 52 to 60, and boost their chance of winning the finals from 11% to 22%. But will the other players on the team contribute to the Lakers’ success?

The Lakers have signed LeBron in a four year, $154 million deal, which makes LeBron the second highest paid player in the NBA, just behind Stephen Curry. For the kind of money the Lakers are paying LeBron, the Lakers expect LeBron to do well, as they should. Lebron has shown no sign of slowing down as he ages, as he nearly averaged a triple double last season. He did this without a secondary star on his team. Lebron’s play in the 2017-2018 season lead his falling-apart Cavs to the championship, where they unfortunately lost. This loss was to the Warriors, who have won the championship three out of the last four years. Will LeBron be enough to defeat the powerhouse Warriors once and for all?

LeBron isn’t the only star on the Lakers, though. Their new roster has young talents such as Kyle Kuzma, and players with extreme potential like Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart. Also, according to USA Today, LeBron alone will give the Lakers the second largest chance of winning the championship, with only the Warriors in their way. They have recently acquired a few veterans too, in Michael Beasley, Rajon Rondo, and Lance Stephenson. Although LeBron will give the Lakers a greater chance of winning a championship, a better big man could really help them out. With the Warriors acquisition of Demarcus Cousins, the Lakers’ mediocre Javale McGee will not be able to compete. Demarcus has been a superstar for quite some time, and only other stars are able to guard him. Javale is obviously  not a star, so the Lakers will definitely need to find a substitution for him. That is not the only flaw in the new roster, though. Besides Javale McGee, who is already not very good, the Lakers’ other big men are all inexperienced rookies. Moritz Wagner, Michigan’s best player in college, is one to look out for, though. He has a deadly three pointer as a seven footer, which is extremely rare.

The young talents on the Lakers have shown their excellence, though. Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball, both rookies last year, had positive first seasons. Kyle averaging 16 points and six boards, and Lonzo a near triple double. Lonzo’s scoring lacked, averaging only 10 points a game, but his seven rebounds and assists a game made up for it. Julius Randle, their best power forward last season, signed with the Pelicans this offseason. This is painful for the Lakers, as their current weakness is a good big man. If the Lakers can manage to acquire a star big man, their team could very well become an overpowering dynasty.

In conclusion, the Lakers future season is looking bright. They have a tough first few games, playing against the Western powerhouse Blazers, Rockets, and Spurs, though. The new Lakers team should frighten their competition. Their combination of young stars and veterans will be difficto beat. After this season, the new Lakers fate will be decided. Will the Lakers be able to compete in the competitive Western Conference? Will their positives push out their negatives and give them a title?