Top 10 Most Successful Fast Food Restaurants

Top 10 Most Successful Fast Food Restaurants

Let’s face it, everyone loves fast food, but it isn’t too healthy. It doesn’t matter how healthy fast food is, according to the 52% of people that visit fast food chains every day. They just want to bit into their favorite fast food at the end of a long hard day. Here you can find your favorite fast food restaurants and how they stack up compared to others.  Chipotle

10. Chipotle
Chipotle: the most common minimum day lunch, perfect for when you want a fast, affordable meal. From the bowls, burritos, tacos, and many more low-cost items, you are sure to want something from Chipotle. With my personal favorite, and totally recommend the burrito bowl. With a net worth of 4 billion they are put at the bottom of our list, but just because they are at the bottom doesn’t mean their food isn’t delicious.

9. Domino’s
Domino’s! Not only are they recognized for their good deals and outstanding pizza, but also their garlic knots and brownies go great together. Their awesome delivery service now delivers to select locations such as the beach and parks! Fun fact, there are over 34 million different ways to make a pizza! They have a net worth of 4.1 billion, which puts them close to the bottom. Next time, you want a cheap, easy pizza place to eat at, Domino’s give a try.

8. KFC
KFC, a.k.a Kentucky Fried Chicken is a popular fast food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. Like many other fast food chains, they have their own take on milkshakes called Krushems. In Japan, when buying Kentucky Fried Chicken you need to order large meals several days in advance. KFC is definitely growing fast. Their net worth is 4.2 billion and as of  December 2015, they have 20,000 restaurants in 123 countries.

7. Chick-fil-A
Chick-fil-a is a big advocate for cows. They encourage people to eat chicken nuggets as an alternative to steak. Because they don’t sell things like steak and burgers, their success is brought down, but they make up for that with their great tasting sandwiches and chicken nuggets. At a net worth of 5.8 billion, they are rising to the top

6. Taco Bell
Taco Bell is a favorite as far as fast Mexican food. (Okay, so not real Mexican food but still really good.) Because who doesn’t like freezies? Taco Bell seems to be doing well with a net worth of 8.2 billion.  Recently, they have been combining Taco Bell with other fast food chains like Pizza Hut and KFC. This benefits Pizza Hut and KFC since Taco Bell is so popular. Taco Bell gains from this because they get more customers. KFC, for example, has a popular item like popcorn chicken. Customers may really like these chicken nuggets with their tacos, which causes the consumer to keep coming back.

5. Wendy’s
Their popular frostys, fries, and burgers have definitely helped them retrieve their spot in this list. Wendy’s net worth is 8.5 billion, and being the third most popular hamburger food chain in America helps them take their spot. Which is saying a lot considering burgers are an American favorite.

4. Burger King
Burger King is a very popular fast food joint. Though they’re not the most healthy option, they are still delicious. Their chicken fries have definitely become more popular over the years, and their fries still a hit. With a menu of about 17 burgers,they are hard to resist. Their net worth is 8.6 billion, helping them climb up the list.

3. Subway
Do you ever get a footlong from subway? Most people love their low- cost sandwiches. This sandwich bar is definitely fast and affordable (prices range from 5-8 dollars for a foot long) which makes them the most popular sandwich chain. At Subway, you can either get something on the menu or custom make your favorite sandwich. Subway’s net worth is 11.9 billion. Calories may vary from 120 calories to 1200 calories,

 2. Starbucks
Starbucks has definitely gained popularity over the last 2 years. They get a lot of younger customers that love their frappuccinos. Since Starbucks frappuccinos have been so popular they have been inventing limited time frappuccinos such as the Unicorn frappuccino. The Unicorn frappuccino was popular because it changed colors and flavors. Frappuccinos aren’t the only thing that gave Starbucks this spot on the list and a 12.7 net worth. Adults seem to like their coffee and lattes too. They also sell baked goods like cake pops, croissants, and sandwiches.

1. McDonalds
And of course, at the top of the list, McDonalds! With their crispy fries, salted to perfection, and their crunchy chicken nuggets, they have an incredible net worth of 35.4 billion. This amazing net worth puts all the others to same. Though they are the best known fast food burger restaurant, the first item on their menu was actually a hot dog, not a hamburger? And that in the 90’s they sold pizza. McDonald’s is not coming down from the top anytime soon, and their 68 million customers they have per day around the world help them say so.