Get Tied into Knots at Knott’s

You won’t want to miss out on what this theme park has to offer

Get Tied into Knots at Knott's

When you think of theme parks you think of terrifying rides and mediocre foods. Knott’s Berry Farm is very different. It still has the terrifying rides but with a unique flair that you’ll remember. Their food is custom to the history of the park. From funnel cakes to boysenberry fried chicken, Knott’s has it all. Born from an interesting history, with 35 rides. In this article will inform you on fun things to do at Knott’s other than riding the roller coasters. Knott’s Berry Farm is the place to go to have fun. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Back in 1920 Walter Knott and his wife sold berries and berry related sweats from a stand beside State Route 39. To pay the bills, Mrs. Knott hesitantly started to sell fried chicken off of their wedding china. State Route 39 was a main road with many travelers, so their small restaurant was very popular and filled with many eager guests. As many people started to come in, they built shops and displays for the people waiting for a seat. Over the decades Walter Knott went a little crazy, and added a bunch of things to entertain his customers such as an active volcano and more fun and exciting attractions. This is how the Knott’s Berry Farm we know today exists. Of course, the place was renovated, but the charming feel of the past is still there.


Knott’s Berry Farm is known for their extreme roller coasters and rides, but some people may not know what else you can do for fun at this amusement park. At Knott’s, if you go to the “boardwalk” area there are mini games that you can play. You can shoot a basketball into the hoop and win prizes or test your balance when trying to climb the wobbly ladder. Depending on where you are in the park the prizes vary in shapes, sizes, and theme. If you head on over to the arcade in the Fiesta Village to play with the claw machine or to win tickets to win a prize of your choice. You can get an game card to play all sorts of games. They also have small activities to make your day, such as panning for gold in Ghost Town, or taking a ride on a horse-drawn carriage all around the park. On top of exciting rides, Knott’s has fun games and activities to make keep you busy when you’re not riding the roller coasters.


Knott’s Berry Farm isn’t just a regular theme park that’s open to the public all year long. Every season they add special events to build on a new aspect of the park. First starting in spring the Boysenberry Festival comes to Knott’s Berry Farm to celebrate the start of this wonderful theme park. Then in summer,  Soak City opens for a splash in the water. You can cool down in the wave pool or go on a thrilling water slide and have fun with your friends, because there’s no school! As the temperature starts to drop and fall begins, the monsters come out at Knott’s Scary Farm. The frightening nights start on September 20 through October 31. Knott’s Scary Farm has scare zones and mazes to make sure you get the full spooky experience. The scare zones are specific places where the monsters can scare you. For example Carnevil is where the creepy clowns come out and give you a fright. Scary Farm also has mazes, where you never know who is going to scare you next. Knott’s has very unique mazes such as the Dark Ride which is terrifying with monsters popping out at you left and right. They also turn the Log Ride, a water flume ride, into the adventurous and none the less terrifying Halloween Hootenanny. As snow started to fall, Knott’s has something to get you into the holiday spirit, Knott’s Merry Farm. The festivities will start on November 24 and last until January 1. This is a winter wonderland from the decorated park to the jaw dropping Christmas tree decorated from head to toe in lights and ornaments. Knott’s definately has lots of shows you can see like Snoopy on Ice and Christmas Carolers around the park. Overall all of these unique aspects are something everyone should experience.


Knott’s Berry Farm has amazing rides, an interesting history and seasonal surprises that never cease to amaze its visitors. Knott’s Berry Farm has thrilling rides that will leave you speechless and games for you to enjoy. Knott’s also has small little activities to put a smile on your face. They serve Original food from the 1920’s that bring you back to the past. In addition, Knott’s hosts special events to make you want to come there everyday to see what’s new. Knott’s Berry Farm is definitely an amazing amusement park rides for everybody to enjoy, and you should definitely stop here for the amazing rides all year long.