Why Reading is Important

Why Reading is Important

You may think that reading is just an annoying activity that your teachers make you do to keep you busy, but it is so much more. Reading helps keep your brain active and stimulated. The more books you read, the more words you learn, so reading will also expand your vocabulary. Reading also makes us more empathetic and helps you understand others better. A person who reads more will become a better writer. Also, reading is just plain fun! Reading is able to help you in a multitude of ways.

Reading is like exercise for your brain. Stimulating your brain can help to postpone memory decline in old age. This is why elderly people are always doing sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.  Keeping your brain exercised is just as (or maybe even more) important as keeping your body exercised. Just like how your muscles will be weak if you don’t exercise, your brain will whither if you don’t train it. Reading enhances your brain activity by giving you something to think about and process. Keeping your brain in shape depends on how much you exercise it.

Reading can also expand vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary helps conversational skill, as well as others. A larger vocabulary can boost your reputation by using big words and such, as well as help you express feelings better with a larger word bank. When we read something, our brains  can remember the words that were read. Eventually, those words be part of your everyday speech. If one was to read a more challenging piece of writing, their vocabulary would likely benefit from it. If you want to expand your vocabulary, reading is one of the best methods.

There are many diverse books that are from different kinds of people’s perspectives. After seeing something from another’s eyes, we are able to better connect with others. For example, if one who wasn’t disabled was to read a book like Out of My Mind, (which is from a disabled person’s perspective) they would be able understand people who are disabled. When we read books that are about characters that are different from us, we are able to grasp how they feel and how their life works. When we are more empathetic with other people we have a larger capacity of kindness as well. We can also visualise new settings easier, like Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Reading can help us become better at understanding other people that are different from us.

Reading also affects writing skills. If you read a lot, you would know more about writing that someone who reads less. Styles of writing that we read can imprint themselves in our memory, and then we know a how to write that way, at least a little bit. Someone who reads books written in a serious tone might write in a way similar to their favorite authors. Reading words over and over can also correct your spelling as you write. Your grammar will also benefit from reading in the same way that writing does. When someone reads a lot, they get better at using correct writing techniques and incorporating them into their work.

There are ways reading can be hard, but it is always worth the struggle. Reading can do a variety of things for you, and they are all positive. Reading will exercise your brain and keep your thinking cells active. It can also improve our vocabulary and the way that we talk. When we read books that are about different kinds of people, we come to understand them and their ways of life, which we can use to try and understand other people. Even writing is easier once you have read a lot of books and articles. Reading is simply the best activity for us to do in our free time.

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