Why is Snapchat So Popular?

Why is Snapchat So Popular?

Why do people love Snapchat so much? If you think about it, it’s all not that great.  Snapchat is an app that you can get on your iPhone, iPad, and etc. Snapchat allows you to send pictures to people and they will disappear after viewed by whoever you sent them to.  Snapchat’s main competitors are Instagram and Tik-Tok. They are both social media sites but don’t provide the same features. Snapchat is like Instagram in the sense that you are able to send pictures or videos that you like although Snapchat may have differentiating features or different implementations of features.

In addition, Snapchat may beat Facebook and Instagram for teens as a product, in part because they’re both optimized for a user at a different stage of life. Snapchat makes most of their money through snap-ads.  Snapchat’s revenue will hit nearly $1 billion by next year. In October 2013, Snapchat made a significant update to their apps, stories.

Stories are when you take a picture or video and instead of sending them to specific people, it goes straight to all your friends or whoever you have added.  Snapchat just recently made a feature where you can create private stories so you chose who views your story out of your friend list. There are also filters on Snapchat, filters are another main portion of why Snapchat got big.  Filters allow you to send pictures of yourself with a special feature, like having dog ears or cat whiskers.

Those were some of the main reasons Snapchat got so popular, because kids and other people like to take pictures and videos with the filter. These are some of the filters, the stories are also what mostly started up the Snapchat trend.  One of their competitors, Instagram, copied Snapchat from their stories to possibly become more popular. However, it didn’t make Snapchat lose any users, but might have made their app more popular. Usually, youth people get Snapchat around when they are about 13 years old. A lot of 10 year olds have been trying to get the app so they can talk to friends, but you have to 13 to be able to get the app. You are able to lie about your age to get on, so a lot of kids start at around age 11 or 12.  


Why do lots of parents hate their kids using Snapchat?  Some kids take advantage of these features to do bad things, Like sending inappropriate photos and saying bad things. They do this because the texts or photos will disappear .  Unless the person you’re sending or talking to saves the conversations, they will disappear with no trace. So if your parent says no to a social media app, you’ll know why.

Snapchat is one of the most popular app for younger kids. Younger kids love this app because there are something called streaks. Streaks is when you send a photo or a message to someone each day. If you have a streak and forget to send a photo within 24 hours, but sometimes you are able to go over 24 hours if Snapchat just lags. The streak will be lost. It takes 3 days to get a streak, you have to send a picture (everyday) and then will come back. The streaks can be dangerous though.  If you have a super long streak and lose it, you will probably be very angry. That is why if you get Snapchat, you should probably not start a streak, it takes away your time and is useless. Creepy fact: If you get Snapchat make sure to turn on ghost mode or else all your friends can stalk you! Cool Fact: The longest streak on Snapchat is 2190 days.!WOW! 


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