Pets Are Awesome!

Pets Are Awesome!

Many people like cats and many people don’t, but are there any benefits that come with owning one? Actually there are a lot of health benefits, did you know cats reduce the chance of heart disease, reduces stress and even helps you sleep better? Cats also lower blood pressure, this is mostly because of their purrs. Cats are able to do a lot of these things because their purrs shift between 20-140 Hertz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically sound. These purrs cut down on the effects of COPD, difficulty in breathing, in both humans and cats.

Cats are awesome but what if you’re allergic to them? Well you’d probably get a dog. So are there any health benefits that come with owning a dog? Well there are! Dogs don’t just fill your heart, they actually make it stronger!

Studies show that having a dog is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and less chances of having a heart attack. Dogs also encourage their owners to take them outside a play, giving both the dog, and the owner exercise. In addition, dogs reduce chances of getting depression, which makes their owners happier.

Now, what about a pet spider? Do they improve life in any way other than them being cool? Well the answer is… no. But bunnies do! Bunnies love recycled toys like toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay, used cardboard boxes with a door cut out, or even an old phone book for digging. This is beneficial because it gives you a way to reuse your old items that you would normally toss into the trash.

Allergic to dogs and cats? Try a bunny! Some people who are allergic to dogs and/or cats are not allergic to bunnies. They’re a great alternative companion. There are quite a few scientific studies demonstrating that just watching an animal reduces cortisol and increases serotonin.

Snuggling up with a bunny can even lower blood pressure! They are great in apartments, since they only need a minimum of a 4×4 space to live in during the day, with some time to roam free in the evenings. Plus they’re quiet enough not to bother the neighbors. You won’t ever have to take them out for walks, and you don’t need a backyard to let them run around in. Compared to dogs or cats, they are fairly low-maintenance.

Bunnies don’t need vaccines and they can be litter box trained. Although they do need to visit the vet for regular care and they are not a starter pet for children, they are pretty easy to care for. Bunnies are mostly active in the mornings and evenings. Meaning that you can play as soon as you get home from school or work! Bunnies may be small, but they have big personalities.

Bunnies can be sweet, friendly, sassy, energetic, goofy and a little bit of everything. They will make you smile when you’re down, they will listen when you need to talk, and they’ll snuggle you when you need a friend.

In summary, pets can do many amazing things and are doing them without us even realizing that they’re doing them! That’s why pets are awesome and would make a great addition to your life.


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