What is Frienship Club?


Friendship Foundation

Joe Newman, graduated from Hermosa Valley Friendshipfoundation.com

Have you ever heard of Friendship Club? Friendship Club is a program set up and organized by our student counselor, Mrs. Cole. The Friendship Club is sponsored by the Friendship Foundation, a nonprofit 501c3 organization designed to help people with developmental disabilities make friends and lead social lives. This organization sets up social events, birthday parties, fun activities, and in our school’s case, friendship clubs. Friendship Club has been in place since 2011. By participating in our school’s friendship club, not only will you be helping others make friends, but you will also get to participate in fun and exciting activities such as crafts, painting, pizza parties and more!

What does the Friendship Club do?

The Friendship Club meets every Wednesday in room 14. Students bring their lunches there and begin the activity of the day. Some activities at our school’s Friendship Club are…

  • Pizza Parties
  • Movie Days
  • Game Days
  • Arts and crafts such as Bird houses, fabric cards, painting, etc.
  • Cookie decorating
  • Dance parties
  • Softball
  • Kickball
  • Playing outside
  • Contests
  • Hula Hoop
  • Bingo
  • Foursquare
  • Four Corners

…and much, much more! The most important part of Friendship Club is making new friends, and most importantly, having fun!

Do I Need to Sign up or Pay for Anything?

No! The Friendship Club is absolutely free! No sign up is required. Students are welcome to come at any time. Students are not required to come to all meetings.

I Have a Little/Younger Sibling Interested

Friendship Club is also available at Hermosa View. Ask your teacher about how you can join. Friendship Club is also in Mira Costa High School as well as in Redondo Union. In high school, Friendship Club is a much bigger deal, as high school can be a tough time for disabled students to find friends. Friendship Clubs are present in many other schools around the South Bay as well. More information on the Friendship Foundation’s school clubs can be found here.

How Else Can I Be Involved?

The Friendship Foundation, has many other ways to be involved. One way you can be involved is by volunteering. Young volunteers are paired with a special needs person and get to spend time with them. They get to participate in activities such as beach days, sports games, trips to Disneyland, Bubble-mania shows, and much more! The best part is the sense of fulfillment by making a positive impact on someone’s life and your own. Information on how to volunteer can be found here.

Another way that you can be involved with this amazing program is through social media. use the hashtag #FriendshipFoundation to spread the word.

The final way that you can make a positive difference in your community is by signing up for the Skechers Pier to Pier Walk. Also sponsored by the Friendship Foundation, by signing up for the Skechers Walk you are donating money to help the Friendship Foundation continue to improve lives in your community!

The Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk

The Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, co produced by the Friendship Foundation and Skechers USA, was founded to bring happiness and companionship to children and adults with special needs. You can participate with a group or as an individual. No matter what, your money is going towards creating a more positive and welcoming community.

More information on how to register can be found here.