Start With Hello Week!

Spreading kindness!

Start With Hello Week!

I know what you are thinking: What is Start With Hello Week? Start With Hello Week takes place September 24 through September 28.  During this week, everyday there will be a different kind thing to do that day. Some examples of these things are sitting with new people at lunch and creating a positivity poster. Start With Hello Week has been started by Sandy Hook Promises, a company that promotes kindness in the world after so many children’s deaths in the last few years. Sandy Hook Promises believes that the cause of all of the hatred and anger in the world is people not being kind to each other. The goal of Start With Hello Week is to spread kindness throughout our school.


The first day, Monday, September 24 is Hey Day! On Hey Day, you are supposed to make a custom name tag to wear to school and say “Hello” to a new person that you may not know. You also are supposed to sit with someone new! This way, everyone can make new friends and spread kindness to each other.


The second day, Tuesday, September 25, is Sharing Positive Thoughts Day! On Sharing Positive Thoughts Day, you should make a chain of positive thoughts to show how we are connected as a community. Green strips will be provided in class to make the chains.You also should wear green to show how you “GO” say hello! Everyone wearing a “GO” colored shirt(green) will show that they stand for the positivity and kindness that should be in our community. The chains of positive thoughts will also help spread the chain of kindness to the rest of our community.As one last challenge for this day, reach out to three new people!


On Wednesday, September 26,  we have Valley Village Day! This is a great opportunity to talk with your favorite noon aid, sign the Valley Positivity Pledge, and branch out and be positive with at least three other people. Make a noon aid’s day and learn their name on the picture board and say hello to them. In addition, you can go talk to someone outside your friend circle and maybe they become your new best friend! There’s more, in the bowl at lunch you can go and sign the Valley Positively Pledge. This is a great way to make conversation and have conversations with new people.


On the fourth day of the week, Thursday, it will be Positive Day! You can write a positive note for a teacher, friend, and/or new acquaintance. You don’t even have to worry about bringing notecards, they’ll will be provided at the lunch tables. Who knows, someone may even write a positive note for you!


On Friday we will do an activity called Forget-me-not Friday. The activity is wearing green and taking a photo with someone new that you have never talked to. Wearing green symbolizes that you are open to new people and let them know that you want to try something new. This will positively affect our school because we want to let people know that you are open to new friends and make people feel more welcome. Forget-me-not Friday is an activity to show new people how welcoming Hermosa Valley is.


In, conclusion, Start With Hello Week is going to be lots of fun and spread kindness throughout our school and community. Monday is Hey Day were you make a custom name tag and say hello to people you may not know. Tuesday is Sharing Positive Thoughts Day were you bring a chain of positive thoughts and wear green to “go” say hello. Wednesday is Valley Village day were you talk to your favorite noon aid. Thursday is Positive Day were you write a positive note to anyone you want. Lastly, Forget-me-not Friday you take a picture with someone new and also were green to show your positive spirit. Overall, Start With Hello Week is going to be great!