Lamborghini: From Tractors to Cars?

We all know about Lamborghini, but not how it started.

Lamborghini: From Tractors to Cars?

You would probably think that Lamborghini started as the company that made the fastest car of its time, well, think again. It actually started in the small town of Pieve di Cento, Italy, when young machinist, Ferruccio Lamborghini, began experimenting with motors. Also, the company didn’t start with sports cars. Lamborghini actually started as a tractor company in 1962.

In 1963, Lamborghini started making cars after the owner of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, insulted Ferruccio Lamborghini. Ferrari said “ It’s not the car but the driver.” This was not just an insult but an open challenge to Lamborghini. The rivalry began when Ferruccio Lamborghini purchased a Ferrari.

The brand took off from there. From 1965-1975, they created a total of 7 more models, including the 400 GT and the Lamborghini Islero. In that time, they became more well known as a brand and became one of the wealthier car brands. In 1973, Ferruccio retired at the age of 57 with a net worth of $1.8 billion. That’s when everyone started to buy his products and it was like the cool new things that everyone wanted. He sold his 49% share in the company to friends Georges-Henri Rossetti and Rene Leimer immediately after retiring. Today, the brands Audi and Volkswagen own Lamborghini. “1111 Lamborghini lived until his death, due to a heart attack, in 1993.


About  Ferruccio Lamborghini

Image result for ferruccio lamborghiniFerruccio Lamborghini, 1949

You probably wouldn’t think that one of the world’s most successful car brands and wine would be associated. Well, that was where Ferruccio got his start: picking grapes.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Renazzo, Italy, on April 28, 1916. His parents names were Antonio and Evelina Lamborghini. According to his birth certificate, he was baptized Roman Catholic four days later.

As a child, he found machines and motors far more interesting than his farming lifestyle. As a teenager, he studied at the Fratelli Taddia Istituto Tecnico (meaning “technical institute”) to learn more about his passion. However, his dream as an engineer was interrupted when he was drafted into the Italian Royal Air Force in 1940 at the age of 24. During the war, he served as a mechanic in the Italian front on the island of Rhodes in Greece. He was actually taken as a prisoner of war in 1944 by the British when they captured the island. He stayed in confinement for a full year before he was allowed to be released. When he came back, changed from war, he opened a garage in Pieve di Cento, only about 3 miles from Renazzo. At first he made tractors and small automobiles. As well as that, he also made a significant amount of money making air-conditioning products, a relatively new concept.

Due to his impressive financial success, he used some of his wealth to buy a Ferrari sports car. After finding some mechanical imperfections, he decided to modify the car’s inner parts. Driven by that, he decided to make his own car company, which would bear his name. Since then, it’s all history.


Lamborghini Advances (1975 – present)

Starting in the 1970s, Lamborghini started its classic design. This is the low curved design. The first model of this design was the 1973 Lamborghini Urraco. 791 of them were made. This car’s top speed is 162 mph. Another one of the classic Lamborghinis was the 1968 Lamborghini Espada, Spanish for “sword”. 1217 of them were made over a ten-year period from 1968-78.

Image result for lamborghini urracothe Lamborghini Urraco, 1973


Image result for lamborghini espadathe Lamborghini Espada, 1968

All the cars that most of us drive are super high tech. You pretty much have a big driving cell phone! The average everyday car’s top speed is 120 mph. The fastest Lamborghini is the Aventador Superveloce which has a top speed of 220 mph. The world’s fastest street legal car is the Hennessey Venom GT, with a top speed of 270 mph.

Lamborghini is going to make a new car called the Estoque. You would think it is like a cool self driving car, well it is a total mom car. This car is a car that the everyday person can drive, that’s if you have $230,000 for your everyday car. This car can go 200 mph. Just picture your moms car going 200 mph!

Image result for lamborghini estoquethe Lamborghini Estoque, 2018

The newest type of Lamborghini is called Urus. It is one of the newest models, made in 2018 . It is an SUV and it to me looks like an off road vehicle it is in of the newest models and it has and it looks like a normal SUV but a luxury SUV. To me it looks like a normal car but the inside is luxury. It is is one of the only SUV moldes and i think it is one of the coolest SUV lamborghini has.

Image result for lamborghini urusThe Lamborghini Urus, 2018

After all Lamborghini has been through, they are now one of the most successful car companies. With a company worth $111,000,000, they have worked hard for every penny. Who knows what they will come up with next?