How Did This LA Ice Cream Shop Go Viral?

The Ice Cream Everyone is Talking About

How Did This LA Ice Cream Shop Go Viral?

Have you heard of black ice cream? I bet you have, it’s been all over the internet lately. The ice cream shop, Little Damage, launched the black colored treat in 2017. Little Damage is a small family business in downtown LA that had no recognition until the charcoal ice cream came out. Now they’ve blown up all over social media. The unique idea of black colored ice cream has earned them a place on top.

The interesting colored ice cream and cone gets the colors from activated charcoal. The shop makes a small batch of ice cream everyday and the cones are hand rolled minutes before you get one. Little Damage doesn’t just have charcoal ice cream, they have an assortment of flavors that change every month. They have colors that range from pastel blue to plain white. Each of the flavors have a unique taste to go with the vivid colors. They love to make fun and exciting colors and flavors for everyone to enjoy.  “We have fun creating all the various flavors so we want them to be just as fun for you to enjoy!”You can also get toppings with your ice cream to create a little bling on top. They also make vegan options, so everyone can enjoy this delicious cold treat.The feel of the shop is like walking into a vintage ice cream shop. One of the owners said, “Little Damage is a small family owned business that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes Los Angeles special.”

Little Damage has also had many paid partnerships with many big brands such as Disney, Google, and Oreo. People that come to the shop have posted on their social media to share with their friends the unique flavors and colors. They have had amazing reviews and so many wonderful articles written about them. They have had some well known websites review their shop, such as CNN 10 and FOX 11. FOX 11 once stated, “The store is going viral for its black soft serve ice cream, that many have dubbed ‘goth’ ice cream.” “The store is going viral for its black soft serve ice cream, that many have dubbed ‘goth’ ice cream.”  You can also go on their website and read about them in the ‘about us’ section.

Little Damage was once not well known, but since, their unique and vivid colors and flavors of ice cream have become a viral sensation while putting many smiles on peoples’ faces. People enjoy the new and creative flavors and colors of the unique cold treat. Ice cream comes in many different shapes, sizes, flavors and colors, but in Little Damage you can expect it to be true. From the chilling feeling you get when you bite into the ice cream, to the vivid colorful swirls, the flavor is just as good as the exterior. The unique flavors are the perfect blend of sweetness in the cold treat. This ice cream shop is so unique from the creative colors to the sweet flavors Little Damage is the place to go!