Fashion Trends of 2018

What everyone has been wearing this year.


There have been many popular trends so far this year. You can find some of the best trends in this article such as accessories, shoes, and clothes. You may find trendy accessories such as scrunchies, Kanken backpacks, and Pura Vida bracelets in 2018. As for shoes, Vans, Stan Smith Adidas, and Converse are very popular. Many trendy clothes this year are seen as brandy clothes, mom jeans, and teddy bear jackets. In conclusion, there are many popular trends of 2018.

This past year, people have had some very fashionable clothing pieces come from their wardrobe. Some of these fashion items are mom jeans, Brandy Melville, and teddy bear jackets. These have all created a huge trend throughout 2018. Mom jeans are a super cute addition to your outfit, you can find them distressed or plain. They can be paired with any style or type of top. Brandy Melville is a great place to find cute clothing for an equal price. They have tons of different styles of clothes to choose from, many different stores to shop at, and have lots of different clothes to pick from. Teddy bear jackets are the comfiest jacket you will ever feel. According to Kylie, a Hermosa Valley student, “Teddy bear jackets are comfy, soft, cute, and fashionable.” They are perfect for the fall and winter weather. They range in pricing from about $30-$90, but it’s totally worth it. A ton of these popular clothes have been a huge part of 2018 fashion trends!   

Vans, Stan Smiths, and Converse are big trends in 2018. There are tons of different designs of Vans. They come in many styles and designs as well. According to Gwynn, another HVS student, “Vans are super comfortable and there are so many styles to choose from.” Stan Smiths are also a big trend today. They are white Adidas with a variety of colors to choose from on the heel. Stan Smiths are super comfortable and they match with everything. In addition, Converse are worn by many people. You can find high top or low top Converses, and tons of different colors. You can even customize your own styles and designs! Vans, Stan Smiths, and Converse are some of the biggest shoe trends today.

Many trends that you see today are found as accessories. Some trendy accessories are scrunchies. You may have seen scrunchies on someone’s wrist or hair. They look like big hair ties and you can find them in stores like Pacsun or  Urban Outfitters. According to the Valley student Juliet, “scrunchies are so cute and in, people love wearing them and it’s a great fashion choice.” We think scrunchies will stay popular until 2019 because there are many people that use hair ties. Kanken backpacks are also a big trend today. Kankens are the box looking backpacks with a fox logo. They come in different sizes and  bright colors. Kanken backpacks are also very convenient. Lastly, many people today are wearing Pura Vida bracelets. Pura Vida bracelets are the layered bracelets made of waxy strings. There are so many different combinations and colors. You can wear many at a time and even get monthly subscriptions. By getting a subscription, Puravida will send you monthly packages of unique matching bracelets. So many of today’s trends are seen as accessories and have really become popular in 2018.                   

In summary, there have been so many trends this year. You can find many trends in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Some trendy clothes are mom jeans, Brandy Melville clothes, and teddy bear jackets. Trendy shoes are seen as Stan Smiths, Vans, and Converse. Very popular accessories are scrunchies, Kanken backpacks, and Pura Vida bracelets. In conclusion, there have been many popular trends in 2018.