What Are the Animals of the Deep Sea?

What Are the Animals of the Deep Sea?


How deep do you think the ocean goes? It is deeper than any human has ever been. Did you know that we have discovered very little of the sea? Ninety five percent actually remains undiscovered and we have no clue about who or what lives there. The reason we know so little about the deep sea and its animals is because we don’t have the technology needed to explore as deep as the ocean goes, due to the fact that the pressure of the deep ocean can crush us. So…  what do we know about the difference between deep sea animals and shallow sea animals? Some different characteristics are that most deep sea animals are blind and shallow sea creatures that can see light are not. Also deep sea creatures tend to be more frightening than shallow fish.

                                                           fang-tooth fish and frilled shark


One very creepy looking shark that looks like a huge eel is the frilled shark. This serpent like shark from the deep

 has 300 teeth in total. Yikes! Frilled sharks are pretty much impossible to see a at the ocean surface. These scary sharks can swim 5000 ft under the sea, professional  divers can only swim 900 ft total. The first frilled shark was first found in 2007 in Japan, but it died soon after it was caught. These sharks have skin folds to help digest large prey. Some of these frilled sharks have the top of their tail missing from other shark attacks. Frilled sharks like to eat squids, sharks, and bony fish. Even though frilled sharks live so deep they have hardly changed at all from their ancestors from the dinosaur age.


What type is of deep sea animal that doesn’t see the light? If you guessed, the fang-tooth fish you are correct! The fang-tooth fish lives so deep it can’t see light. Are you wondering, how does it live? Well, it’s eyesight is horrible but it can sense vibration in the water. You might have already guessed, but this fish is well known for its scary teeth. When this fish is a baby it will only has one set of teeth, and when it grows to around 3 inches they start to move deeper underwater. Even though the fang-tooth is only 6 inches, its fangs are huge. They are so big its mouth has special sockets that go next to its brain for when it closes its mouth. But wait, his mouth has multiple uses! It also uses its mouth for catching its prey. The fang-tooth fish does this by sucking in its mouth. Fun Fact: the fang-tooth fish is also called ogre-fish or sabretooth. Since the fang-tooth fish is so popular, you’d think we know everything about it, yet, we don’t know how long this fish lives.

Spiders were creepy enough, but did there had to be a spider that lives underwater and sucks out body fluids from small sea animals. And you thought that was all. They also have their digestive system is in their legs. Another fact about their legs is that they also lay their eggs on the males’ legs. sea spiders only live a year. (Thankfully.) They also don’t have lungs or gills. So… how do they breath? Sea spiders pass salt water through their exoskeleton which absorbs oxygen. Also sea spiders can also have 10-12 legs and only have one cell in their muscles. What are sea spiders related to? Sea spiders might be an ancient connection with them and arthropods.


Now you know about three deep sea animals! The creepy sea spider that isn’t a spider as you might have guessed at first glance, is actually more of an arthropod. But watch out! The sea spider isn’t the only animal that you should be worried about, because that frilled shark over there has enough teeth to eat other sharks! You also found out that fangtooth fish are actually blind like some animals in the deep sea, but is quite frightening. They have teeth that would make the frilled sharks teeth look small! After learning about the frilled shark, the fangtooth fish, and the sea spider, you could learn all about the deep sea and what animals live in it. After all, we still don’t know all the secrets to the deep sea!