What type of dog is best for you?


What Dog Really Suits You?

Many people want a dog, but one thing to think about is what kind of dog should you get? Many dogs will make you happy, but who will make them happy? Dogs are very accepting animals, but they won’t be very happy if you can’t pay attention to them too. If you want a dog you should consider getting a dog that fits your lifestyle and the people who are around you.

If you have a big family, you should consider getting a well behaving dog that is easy to train, such as a Shetland Sheepdog, a German Shepherd and or a Poodle. Those dogs sure will take up time, but are really fun! If you have a life where you travel all the time, or maybe, you are away from home a lot for work, you should probably get a English Bulldog or maybe a Boston Terrier. Those dogs make for a good best friend.

If you have a lot of friends that come over, or you are just lazy, you may need a calm dog that won’t bark or freak out when someone comes over, or when the pizza guy is at the door. A calm dog breed would be the Basset Hound. One of the reasons you may need these types of dogs is because different dogs have different personalities, say you have a big family, you wouldn’t want a guard dog around your kids, would you? It’s okay because there are many different dog breeds and lots to pick from that best fits your lifestyle!

If you have a family with young children, you may want to have a gentle dog that is also calm. Pugs and Basset Hounds are known to be calm dogs. Pugs are also quite playful as well, so they are good dogs to play with around children. You should also consider a dog that would be easy to train and or would be a good service animal (emotional support), such as an Australian Shepherd or a Corgi. If you need an easy to train dog, or a dog that acts gentle and calm around other people, you may want a Border Collie, Poodle, or even a little Pug.

If you are away from home often, maybe consider getting a dog that will be okay without you for a while. You could consider getting a Lhasa Apso. These dogs are good at long distances with their owners. If you are only away for a day, or have to go to school, maybe consider getting a Golden Retriever, they are easy to train, and they are very loyal. If you are home all the time and you need a dog that will comfort you, then maybe consider getting a Shih Tzu or a King Charles Spaniel, they are cute, calm, and they love their owners!

If you host parties at your home a lot, you may need a dog that doesn’t cause a lot of commotion. French Bulldogs are known to be very quiet, and they don’t bark often, so do Basenjis. If you have a lot of people come over, you should get a dog that is well behaved, playful and calm around others. Many people are happier with their dog than without “My dog is fun to be around!” Says Mia, a seventh grade student. “I love my dog more and more every day,” says Anonymous. “I couldn’t imagine life without them.”

All in all, dogs love you no matter what, but show them you love them too. If you’re looking for a new dog, you should consider some options such as a Corgi, Golden Retriever, or maybe a Poodle. You don’t have to chose one of those options to be happy with your pet, but if you’re a first time dog owner you should consider one of those. In all, you should just consider a dog that you’re happy with, and care for your dogs for them to be happy too!


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