West Coast vs East Coast Beaches

Which is better? Is there a difference at all?


The east coast beaches are way different then the west coast beaches. There are many things you could compare between the two. Though if you think about it they have to be radically different, because they are on opposite sides of the North American continent. There are many differences such as weather, beach structure, water temperature, price, and sand texture. This article does not describe mediterranean areas or the caribbean 

The beach structures are very different, mostly because of the weather and water temperature. On the east coast a warm current flows alongside the east coast causing the climate to be hot and humid. That current is called the Gulf Stream current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico. up the east coast of Europe. Because of this, huge storms such as hurricanes are common. On the east coast, beaches are built so that it is mainly sloped downwards where the houses are higher than sea level. That doesn’t mean the waves aren’t strong enough to go up to them, but they are. Next on the west coast, there are mostly flat beaches, because a cold current flows down the west coast from the poles, so the there really isn’t a humid climate. For example, our climate in southern California is hot and dry. There aren’t really any large storms such as hurricanes because the water isn’t warm enough. In conclusion, the structure of the beaches are so different from each other.

The temperatures/climates are different in the sense that the temperature year round is, how humid it is and how dry it is. First, is that the summers on the west coast are normally dry, because of the cold current. The water doesn’t evaporate so easily. On the east coast, the water is flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico, which is a warm current, which means the water is warmer, so it is easier to heat up and evaporate. With this, the east coast has a more of a wet and humid climate during the summer. On the other hand, we have the opposite with the west coast the water is colder and harder to heat up so on the coast the climate is dryer as well as hot. According to Climate Central, they state that the,”east coast roasts while the west coast shivers.” The ocean currents can deeply affect the coastal temperature of the east and west coast.

Next, we have the different types of sand. The sand is very different from the east coast and from the west coast. On the east coast the sand is mixed with pieces of rocks, sticks, and shells. Though according to Travelers Today, their thought is that, “the east coast is rock free while the west coast beaches hold a bunch of rocks.” With this sometimes walking on it can be difficult because it is a tough mixture that can pinch and stab at your feet. The sand doesn’t always hurt you, but it can. On the other hand the sand on the west coast is smoother, but as you get closer to where the water meets the land their are small pebbles that will make you yelp in pain.

The east coast and west coast beaches are very different. Though they are both are very cool, at least in my opinion. They have many special, amazing, and unique aspects to them. For me, I love both so much, so if you haven’t been to both or you’ve been to one, you have to go check out the east, west or both coasts, because they are both amazing. If you prefer one let me know which one you like better and why. Though if you haven’t been to either of these beaches, you should really at the very least try to go to one of the beaches. No matter which one you go to, you will have a great time.

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