The Wonderful Ms. Hendricks


Have you ever seen Mrs. Hendricks walking around school with her big smile and also that very welcoming and warm, good morning. Well, Mrs. Hendricks is always making sure that her students come home to tell their parents how much fun they had in P.E. Some might even say that they learned how to throw a football, because Ms. Hendricks loves to teach her kids things they never knew how to do or play.

I chose to write about Mrs. Hendricks because I had her as a teacher and really enjoyed coming to her class everyday. So I decided to interview her to learn more about her. Mrs. Hendricks has been teaching for a total of 7 years, and 6 of those here with us at Hermosa Valley School. She is the sixth grade physical education teacher. When it comes to doing things she enjoys a lot, it mostly revolves around being outside or doing something active. It could be going for a nice jog around town or to even cruise down to the beach for a bit. Mrs. Hendricks is from chilly Minnesota and also graduated there too. She graduated at Bethel University in St. Paul. This is where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Health Education. Soon after that she also received her Master’s Degree in School Health Education to become a P.E. teacher. Mrs. Hendricks had many interesting facts that many people don’t know, but one is that she comes from a large family. She has five brothers and three sisters. She tries to stay as close as possible to her family by keeping in touch with them by facetiming them or going back to visit them in Minnesota on school breaks. All of her family still lives in Minnesota, but she tries to stay in touch with them very often.

As I was interviewing Mrs. Hendricks she was tending to talk a lot about how she wanted to become a teacher and how she always wanted her students to come to her class and enjoy every minute of it. During the interview, Ms. Hendricks stated, “I have always wanted to become a teacher, but what made me want to become a physical education teacher is because I like health and wellness and love goal setting for the future.” As Mrs. Hendricks was studying to becoming a teacher, she went from getting her Master’s Degree straight to teaching. Mrs. Hendricks enjoys every minute of teaching her students, but in the future she would love to spend lots of time with family, and  as well as spending time traveling to many cool places around the world. Even tho Mrs. Hendricks enjoys teaching there are some troubles that take place. “Sometimes it is hard to teach students certain things they do not know how to do, but sometimes it is pretty hard to work it out. “

Before spending time and teaching at Hermosa Valley School, Mrs. Hendricks actually taught at a school back in the Midwest for one year. She taught at the middle school called Axtell Park Middle School. After teaching there for a year she then moved to the west coast to teach here. Many students from her class are looking forward to do something fun everyday of the year. It can be playing a volleyball game in the gym or playing street hockey on the blacktop. Whatever it is, they are most likely going to have fun. Mrs. Hendricks enjoys every bit of teaching. When it comes to interacting with her students, and teaching new things to her students, she loves it.

In the end, Ms. Hendricks is one of the best teachers around the campus. She is always on top of teaching students new things, such as how to play volleyball or even how to throw a football. I really enjoyed having her as my P.E. teacher in 6th grade. I learned new things and was also tested on the skills we learned. If you are going to have Ms. Hendricks as a teacher next year, you will need to look ahead for a very fun class that you will for sure enjoy.