What are Vans?

What are Vans?

You probably wear them or have seen people wear these shoes. These shoes are called Vans. In 1944 Paul Van Doren dropped out of 8th grade. Paul Van Doren got a job at Randy’s shoe store and was a sweeper. When he was 34 he got promoted to be the Executive Vice president. After that, he was ordered to turn around a failing Randy factory in Gardenvale because it was losing 1 million dollars every month. Three months after saving Gardenvale he decided to start his own shoe company. On March 16, 1966, in Anaheim, Paul Van and his brother, James Van, opened his first company and it was named The Van Doren Rubber Company. The manufacturer sold the shoes directly to the public.

The original version of the Vans logo was designed in Costa Mesa by Mark Van at the age of 13.  Mark Van is a poet and was a skater when he was younger. He stenciled it so that he could spray paint it onto his skateboards. This design is important because it was the design they first put on the shoes that they sold. Now-a-days, they still put the logo on the shoe, but it is a little different. Their success from the logo is important because it was the first logo they put on their shoes.

The company became really popular in Santa Monica and in Venice beach. In that time,  people didn’t use grip tape (sandpaper) on the wooden board back then so they tested rubber soles, and they worked really well on the skateboards. The people who skated in them said that they were the most functional and best shoes for skateboarding. The bottom of the shoe is shaped like a waffle so it sticks to the board better. Surfer were also attracted to them because a lot of surfers turn to skating when the waves are not that good.

1998, the first skate park was created at the Outlets of Orange. Vans built its first free skate park in Huntington beach and it was open to the public in 2014. The skate parks have a bowl and a skate plaza. The park is 42,500 square feet. Vans pays the city $1 per year for the 20 year lease. That is really cheap. There is also a skate park in London.

 I have worn Vans for a long time and have skated in a lot of different kinds of Vans like high tops and the pro model. They are thicker shoes and they will hold up better and they are really comfortable  and they have a lot of support so I think that you should get a part of Vans.