Cheesesteak Heaven

What in the world is that! The one and only, Philly Cheese-steak. Well, it’s a sandwich with juicy steak, melted cheese, and roasted peppers. I mean where did they come from. They were invented all the way across the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I think you should try one soon. If you haven’t they are really good, in my opinion.

I mean, you got to love steak too. The cheese-steak was invented by a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri when he decided to grill up some beef and put it on an Italian roll. Isn’t that funny how the cheese-steak was made by someone who just sells hot dogs on the street. Wouldn’t you think the cheese-steak would be invented by a restaurant owner. It is just so random to think about cooking up meat and just throwing it on some bread. Especially when your job is to make and sell hot dogs from a cart. So basically the cheese-steak was created just out of curiosity on what it would taste like.


Cheese-steaks are one of the tastiest sandwiches I have ever had. So, I think you should go out and try one yourself if you haven’t already. Some local recommendations for the South Bay Beach cities are Big Mike Subs. Another good spot is Jersey Mikes where you can not only find an amazing cheese-steak, but also great cold-cut sandwiches. Finally there is one special to me in Hermosa Beach, Hermosa pub. Man, it has a fantastic cheese-steak that goes great with the perfectly cooked fries. It is so good. Those are some local recommendations.


Now, let’s break down on how a cheese-steak is made. First they have to cut up the meat real thin, so you don’t just have big chunks of meat. Then as the meat is cooking on the grill the cheese is put onto the steak, so you get a nice even amount of cheese to meat ratio everywhere. Which is personally how some of the best cheese-steaks are made when there is a perfect cheese to meat ratio. Then after the meat is cooked with the cheese, it is all put on a nice hoagie bread which has a perfect fluff that makes the sandwich even better. From there you get to choose what goes on, like if you want grilled onions, peppers, or tomatoes. To be honest cheese-steaks are very simple, but very hard to make. If you don’t have the right cooking items like a flat top grill. If you think about it you could cook the meat in pan and it might just taste alright if you want to make one for yourself at home.