The Mindful Mrs. Infusino



If you are playing handball on the wall near the bike the cage and your ball goes over the little wall, you may think that you are out of luck. If you go knock on the door of classroom 25E a tall blonde woman will gladly let you go get your ball. Her name is Mrs. Infusino. Mrs. Infusino is the sixth-grade masterminds teacher as well as the eighth-grade Spanish teacher.


I decided to profile Mrs. Infusino because she is a really nice teacher and she teaches a class that not too many people know about, so I wanted to learn more about the class.Some things that you might want to know about Mrs. Infusino is that she was born in Illinois and lived there until she was 21 years old. Then she went to North Central College in Illinois and received a Bachelor’s degree in education as well as in Spanish. She also is a certified mindfulness instructor. She received that certification through mindful schools. Mrs. Infusino has wanted to become a teacher since she was really little. She loved writing on a chalkboard and being in charge when she was in school. As she got older, she realized that she liked taking care of children and watching them develop, and watch them growth through knowledge. She says that the most rewarding part of her job is that she is able to make a positive impact on a child’s life.  Some things that Mrs. Infusino like to do in her free time is she likes to plays tennis, she cooks, goes to the movies, and she loves taking walks on the beach.


When I was talking to Mrs. Infusino about teaching the eighth-graders Spanish, she was telling me how it can be a challenge sometimes because they are learning a new language and you have to start out slow, but she still enjoys it. “When I teach the eighth-graders Spanish it is like I am teaching kindergartners.” Mrs. Infusino also enjoys teaching the sixth-graders masterminds, because they have creative minds. One thing that she enjoys about teaching masterminds is that she is able to practice it with her students. She said that her favorite part is the mindful breathing at the beginning of her class. During her class students do different activities to learn about the brain and how their brain affects their actions. One lesson that I found really fun, was when we closed our eyes and tried to tell the difference between cheerios that we tasted.

Even though she is dedicated to her job, Ms. Infusino has quite an active life away from school. Ms. Infusino has been to many cool places in South America. She has been to Costa Rica as well as Mexico. When she was in college, Mrs. Infusino got to go to Costa Rica and live with a Spanish-speaking family. She learned a lot of spanish there as well as in school. She said that it was a great experience. Mrs. Infusino has two kids, Christopher who is eight years old and Jonathan who is two years old. “They are the loves of my life.” She has been teaching at Hermosa Valley for 12 years, and loves it. Some things that Mrs. Infusino would like to do after she is done teaching is she would like to become a counselor, and she would like to be a cake decorator and a baker.


Mrs. Infusino has a few funny facts about her life. An embarrassing moment that Mrs. Infusino had was when she was talking to one her friends she was talking about her front door and she said that she had pigs on her door, even though she meant to say locks and her friend looked at her like she was absolutely crazy. She said that she had never mixed up words that bad before. Mrs. Infusino also told me, “My last name gets butchered a lot, because no one knows how to pronounce it properly.” I find this very funny because my last name has been said a lot of different ways that are nowhere close to how it is actually pronounced.


In conclusion Mrs. Infusino is a very interesting person because of her travels and what she wants to do after teaching, she really likes teaching the classes that she teaches and the students that she gets to meet while teaching. She has some of the coolest hobbies, and she really appreciates her wonderful friends and family. The thing that I remember most about her class is the closing our eyes and breathing peacefully at the beginning of her class.If you ever see Mrs. Infusino walking around on campus make sure that you say hello.