The Fight for the Cup


If you haven’t heard of the Stanley Cup playoffs, you should. It is an action packed playoff series that will make you die in anticipation. If you didn’t know the Stanley Cup playoffs have to do with hockey. Every year about 3 million people watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs, it’s just crazy. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are such a big deal because it is one of America’s big sports. People would enjoy watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs because it is filled with action packed games that will keep you on your toes.

Normally in the Stanley Cup Playoffs there are sixteen teams. Each play a team in a seven game series. Just imagine a crowd and players going wild because of a last second goal to win a series.

Playoff games can go anywhere, crazy things may happen. I bet somebody like Wayne Gretzky could tell you all about it. Gretzky won four Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers. I mean you could ask that guy anything about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also just imagine the cool wind in your face as you zoom down the ice ready to shoot the game winning goal. Then as you make the shot your team lifts you up to the sky as everyone in the stadium starts to chant your name.  

In the Stanley Cup playoffs there are four rounds. In each round it is the best of seven. So it is like rock paper scissors except you play to see who gets four wins first. It is the first team to win four games, the team to lose the series is knocked out of the playoffs. The teams are also split if they are from the east or from the west. It is almost if you were to cut up a sandwich that has different items on each side. Its not until the final when a western team plays an eastern team.

Image result for stanley cupThe winning team gets a huge silver trophy that has all of the teams that have won in the past engraved on it. The Stanley Cup almost looks like a big layered cake that has a bunch of silver frosting on it. Many teams have won the Stanley Cup. Though one time the Montreal Canadians won five cups in a row. Imagine that! There are many aspects in hockey which makes it so interesting. Many crazy things about hockey is that it is a fast pace game in which you have to be incredibly fit to play. Games can turn over just like the snap of your fingers. For example, In the second period the game could be scored as 1 to 3. Then 2 minutes later the score is tied up 3, 3.

Even if you know all about hockey, the game will still surprise you from time to time. Hockey is just so unpredictable. So if you become interested, in which I hope you do, you will love it. Hockey is so radically different from other sports, which ,makes it so interesting. It is so different because it is played on ice and there aren’t many sports that are really physical and crazy. If you are interested, who do you think will win this year?