Why is California a Good State?


Have you ever heard of fortune cookies? If you have, I am guessing you didn’t know that they were invented in California. What about McDonalds? Did you know that that was established in California? There are so many things that make California a wonderful state, but are there any bad things about California?

Some negatives include the cost that it takes to buy a house in California. The average price it takes to buy a house in California would be $440,000. To imagine how much this is, picture buying a candy bar that is one dollar. Now, if you buy 12 candy bars, it would be 12 dollars. You would need to buy 440,000 candy bars to match the price of the house. Another negative to California is the air quality. California has the #1 worst air pollution in the U.S..

Now for the positives. First of all, Image result for californiaCalifornia has many different climates. If you like the snowy, cold weather or the sunny, warm weather, depending on where you go, there is a  good climate for you in California. For example, in Los Angeles it is mostly sunny and warm, and in Mammoth, it is mostly cold and snowy, and the distance between those two is very close. A flight from here to Mammoth would only be about an hour away.

There are many unique things about California. One thing is the beaches. Many states like Nevada, Utah, and Colorado don’t even have a beach. California also has many cool things like the highest and lowest elevation in the United States. Mount Whitney is the highest peak, with the elevation of 14,505 feet. To imagine how tall that is, picture 48 football fields stacked on top of each other. The lowest point is Badwater Basin in Death Valley, with an elevation of 282 feet below sea level. Now to picture that, image putting a whole football field underwater, starting from the ocean surface. Speaking of Death Valley, it is the driest place in the United States. California also is the state with the most national parks like Yosemite, Redwood National Park, and several more. In the Redwood National Park, we have the biggest trees out of any other state. They are (you guessed it) Redwood trees.

Many things that you know as modern day objects, like frisbees, apple computers, blue jeans, and fortune cookies were invented in California, and for those of you who like McDonalds, it was established in California. Speaking of McDonalds, I am guessing that everyone likes food. California produces over ninety percent of the United States supply of raisins, rice, pomegranates, dried plums, peaches, and a lot more.

Lastly, California itself has the 6th largest economy in the world. This means that we sell the 6th most goods and services out of all the countries. So in California, businesses like Google or Apple contribute to our successful economy. There are also entertainment industries for movies and television shows, like Disney or Universal. Finally, there are many tourists that support the economy by visiting the state.

There are so many wonderful things about California, the beaches, deserts, mountains and more. You can find a great job, a great place to live, and fun places to travel. California gives you so many opportunities to do what you love.

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