Is Cell Phone Usage a Problem?

Hispanic family using cell phones and digital tablets in living room

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Hispanic family using cell phones and digital tablets in living room

Cell phones are awesome! Aren’t they? Though have you ever wondered how long and how much you use your phone. An average cell phone user touches their phone about 2,617 times a day according to a study done by research firm, Dscout. Then extreme cell phone users can touch their phones up to 5,400 times a day. That is crazy isn’t it? If you do the math that is touching your phone every 16 seconds if you were to touch it in consistent use. With paying so much attention to our phones people could lose their common social skills. They can also affect grades at school because instead of studying for a test you decide to play videos games or look at your Instagram. Spending so much time on your phone can hurt your neck because you are always looking down. How could we fix these problems.

In ways phones are very useful. They can be used for many work purposes, like checking emails, statistics, or even the buildings security system. They make communication so much easier and quicker. With one tap of a finger you can call someone from 2,000 miles away or farther. I mean really, would you rather have a messenger on horseback give you information in weeks or have a cell phone and receive information in seconds. Cell phones make our lives so much easier don’t they. I mean they have paved the way for future technology. In a perfect world or utopia people wouldn’t abuse phones. Since this is not a perfect world we can’t really do much to make everyone aware of the situation, but we can improve it. Maybe there could be an app that sends you messages to get off and the longer you ignore the messages the more frequently they are sent to you.

I became interested in this topic because in the past I have been yelled at many times for being on my phone for too long. Which now I have realized how annoying it is to be ignored so I have decided to try and make a change. I first noticed a problem with my friends and then along with family members. I also started to notice it in myself. I mean when people are on their phones they just ignore everyone and everything around them. Since the iPhone has been created people haven’t been socializing as much with the people in front of them. Teenagers nowadays are so wrapped up in their technology that, they would rather stare at their phone then hang out with their friends. I bet anyone couldn’t last a whole twenty-four hours without their phones. People have become so dependent on their phones, it is almost as if it is attached to their body.

Can cellphones form a dependency like drugs? Like drugs, people can not be pulled away from cell phones. Is there a cure? Because if so it would be really helpful. A quarter of young people are so attached to their phones, that they don’t get much sleep because they always feel like they have to check their phones in the middle of the night for texts or new posts, which was done by a Swedish study. By doing that it can also lead into stress and depression. So do phones really help or benefit use? Or do they just hurt our health and mental state?

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