Lights. Camera. Action

Lights. Camera. Action

When you walk into Mrs. Vizzi’s classroom you’ll see all of the Hollywood Stars lined up on her walls and a lot of fun, colorful pillows on each of her students’ chairs. You’ll also see her long brown hair, green eyes, and her heart-warming smile. She is devoted to teaching her 5th graders, and loves what she does! The most interesting things about Mrs. Vizzi is what she does in her free time, her travel life, her travel plans, and why she became a teacher.


Ever since Mrs. Vizzi was a child she wanted to be a teacher. She drew a photo of herself as a teacher and her principal showed it to her when she graduated. She was in the United Kingdom as a foreign exchange student-teacher in college. She was accepted into a program in college where they were interviewed to go to Wales and only sixteen people made it, and she was one of them! In the program she was able to teach children in Wales. She moved to California from New York to become a teacher. She has also gone through some hardships, during one of her first teaching interviews she got lost on her way there and was late. After driving cross-country, her car ran out of gas right as she got in California. Then, she got her car towed. Even though she had struggles on her way here she still pursued her dream and became a teacher. Originally, she did not work at HVS.  She worked in Santa Ana and taught Kindergarten and 6th grade. Then, she came to Hermosa Valley.


Mrs. Vizzi’s favorite subject to teach is writing, and she really enjoys learning it too. She thinks it is really fun to write, tell stories, and it is exciting to see the growth in her students’ writing skills throughout the year. All of these activities affect her as a person and has an impact on the way she teaches her students. For example, without her creative style she wouldn’t have found the Hollywood themed classroom on Pinterest that creates a fun and comfortable environment for her students.  When we asked Mrs. Vizzi who she considers herself as she stated, “I like adventure, I like to be around a lot of people. I have a lot of friends and I like to talk to people a lot, but sometimes I like to be all by myself. Most of the time I’m a people person, I like to be surrounded by lots of people.”


During her freetime, Mrs. Vizzi loves to go stand-up paddleboarding. Whether she is with some friends, family, or she is relaxing alone. She states, “I go every chance I get,” and sometimes she takes her dog, Vinny, on the board with her. Paddleboarding is something that brings joy to Mrs. Vizzi.

Mrs. Vizzi loves to have lots of adventure in her life. She has been across the United States three times and has been to almost every state. She has camped and has drove from New York to California. Mrs. Vizzi has also traveled internationally. She has been to Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Wales, England, and she also has backpacked through Europe! She really wants to go to Australia to see the rainforests, or go on a safari in Africa in the future. Traveling is one of her favorite things.


We chose to interview Mrs. Vizzi because she is such an awesome teacher and she is open-minded to try new things. While we were interviewing Mrs. Vizzi, we noticed she had a huge smile that was from eye to eye and she couldn’t stop giggling. She does have a fun and interesting lifestyle but she has gone through some hardships. Lastly, Mrs. Vizzi makes sure her students are comfortable, having fun, and learning lots. To Mrs. Vizzi’s future classes, be prepared to have the time of your life.