Self-Driving Cars: Are They a Good Idea?


If you are on a long drive to Mammoth and you start to fall asleep, you would probably get in a crash. If you are in a self-driving car, it will adjust and keep you on the road. So why not just have everyone buy a self-driving car and make the roads safer? Are there any risks to a self-driving car? What are the advantages?

One advantage is that it will keep you from drifting. If you are very tired, instead of going on the other side of the road and having a car hit you, putting other people in danger as well, your car will keep you on the correct side.


There is also drunk drivers who will be safer on the road, because they are big causes of accidents. Another reason is that some people on the road are simply not very good at driving. Self-driving cars will prevent those people from getting in accidents or causing crashes. As people become more and more distracted with their phone, and texting while driving, self-driving cars just make driving so much safer. Self-driving cars will also decrease the traffic congestion. One of the main causes of traffic jams is selfish drivers refusing to move or

cutting someone off. Since there is no driver, there is no one to be selfish and refuse to move.


Along with advantages, there are some risks to self-driving cars. One risk is that there can be malfunctions in the system, making the car go out of control, causing an accident. A recent accident involved a pedestrian that was crossing the road at night while the self-driving car was being tested and hit the pedestrian. The pedestrian ended up very injured, all because of the self-driving car not being programed correctly and not being able to stop in time. Now, you might think that regular cars with regular people driving might get in accidents too, but the whole point of the self-driving car is to be a safer, more efficient way to drive.


Another negative is the price. Self-driving cars are very expensive, and even if they do keep roads safer, not to many people have the money to afford them. Right now the prices for self-driving cars are around $7,000 or $10,000. Also, people with cars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis will want to show off that they drive that kind of car, instead of showing that they own a self-driving car. People might feel like they are losing their freedom if they get a self driving car.


There are only a few self-driving cars on the market because they are still developing new technologies to make them safer. One company that is currently making self-driving cars is Tesla, but many other companies like Ford and GM are developing the technologies for a self-driving car.


While companies are still working on the technology, and they are far from perfect, driver-less cars are the future of driving. Whether you think that driver-less cars are a good idea or not, it’s just a matter of time until everyone has a driver-less car.


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