Is it Really Better to Combine Your Food?

Is it Really Better to Combine Your Food?

Have you heard the latest craze about blending shakes as meal replacements? It seems that everywhere you look you see smoothies and protein shakes being sold. Does it help to blend your food together? If so, what are the benefits?

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Although blending your food together may seem gross and non-beneficial, there are actually some factors that make blending your food together better than eating everything alone. People that have done this say that it keeps them from feeling hungry for about an hour longer than it would if they ate everything one at a time.  There are other benefits associated with blending food as well. Solid food also takes more time to digest and the body requires longer to break down the protein and send it to the muscles. Nutrients in liquid form are absorbed much quicker into the body, and it is much easier for the body to digest blended food. When you drink blended food, the body doesn’t burn as many calories digesting it, so it actually gives you more energy. Another benefit is that most of the ingredients in a smoothie are raw so the nutrients are preserved instead of being destroyed during the cooking process. Lastly, if there is something that is not enjoyable to eat, like vegetables, that taste will not be as strong because it’s all blended together instead of eating it alone.


For those people who think that blending all their food together is not a good idea, there are many reasons for that too. One of the reasons that people like food so much is to enjoy the different tastes like spicy, salty, and sweet. If you blend all your food together, than there would not be different flavors, it would just be one giant mush. You may also miss out on some other nutrients as well. Because you can’t exactly put meat into a smoothie, people usually get their protein from a powder. Although the powder has a higher concentration of protein it lacks other nutrients that are found in meat, fish and dairy. Shakes often use artificial sweetener, and that artificial taste isn’t as good as fresh food. I don’t know about you, but it would get kind of boring just drinking smoothie after smoothie.  Another thing people enjoy about eating solid food is the texture of everything. An example of some textures are smooth ice cream or crunchy potato chips.

Although scientists say that their are health benefits to eating food both ways, in the end it’s personal preference.I prefer solid food, because of the different tastes and textures. While drinking your food might give the nutrition you need, you would miss all the enjoyment of good food.

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