Is Rock and Roll Dead?


Many people nowadays think that rock and roll is dead. Ask Gene Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss. He says rock is finally dead. His opinion is that rock stars aren’t acting like rock stars, and that rappers are the new rock stars. Although many disagree, think of some rock bands that are popular now. You probably have said popular bands like the Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie or Tenacious D. Yes I do agree with you, but rock bands aren’t the type of music people really listen to anymore. Some people don’t like rock because their parents listened to it, so they want to do their own thing, or be different from their parents. Trust me, I love rock and roll, but most people my age don’t. Think about it; do you?


Many famous rock artists have spoken out about people saying it’s dead, like Slash, the guitarist of Guns ‘n Roses he said that Rock is still alive and kicking. He thinks that there will always be kids making bands in their garage. Angus Young, the lead guitarist of AC/DC agrees, in an interview with “Ultimate Classic Rock” he said that you can’t kill an entire genre of music. He thinks that there are many people who will still enjoy rock and roll. Rock is always innovating with it’s new eras, punk, metal, psychedelic, or grudge. Rock hasn’t really been innovating a lot recently.

Some people who think rock is dead say that rock is a little less mainstream than it used to be. Along with this many people think that rock and roll had a hard time transitioning from the 90’s. Think about the best/your favorite rock bands, when where they at their peak? Bands like Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Guns ‘n Roses, they are all from more than 20 years ago. Many ”rock is dead” enthusiasts believe that it may be too controversial for teens/ kids. How they all almost died really young. I mean Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury, etc. Some people disagree with this statement. If you look at a Spotify playlist, sometimes under the song they say explicit. Look at a rock playlist, see if there is an explicit label under the songs, then do the same for a rap playlist. The difference is crazy. If you do this experiment, all of the rock songs aren’t explicit, but the rap ones are. Many rap songs today curse, while almost no rock songs cursed. The only time it was close was if it talked about controversial topics, like in The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”.

The last main difference between mainstream music today and rock is what the songs are about. Most of the rock songs you will find are meaningful, beautiful pieces of art. For example, “Stairway to Heaven,” by Led Zeppelin. On the other hand many rap/pop songs of today are just cash grabs, stupid love songs, or some idiot flexing his money. I’m not trying to bash on mainstream music, I like a lot of it, I just don’t think rock deserves to die.