What is Fortnite?


It’s the game you guys are playing, the game you know and love, Fortnite.  If you don’t know about Fortnite, it is a Battle Royale game where you have to survive against the other 100 players that you are playing against.  You can play with 2,3, or 4 of your friends in a game! When all of your friends are playing with you, everybody is on the same team. There are two modes you can play on, and they are Battle Royale and Save the World. At the start of the game, you skydive out of the battle bus  and when you get on the ground, you get a pickax and you can get materials like like wood, metal, and brick. With the ax, you can also break down buildings and other things. If someone is shooting at you, you can place a wall or stairs and other things to build so that you don’t die. It is also a cartoon animation but it is still fun and it does not have any blood in it.

Fortnite was first revealed in 2011. The company Epic Games set a release date for the game Fortnite in mid 2017.  When they released it, they made the beta free to play and they have made three parts of the beta called season 1, 2, and 3. In the first season of the game, they did not have the battle pass. If you don’t know what the battle pass is, it has skin and emotes  that you can unlock playing the game or you can buy it with using your own money. But in season 2, they put the battle pass in the game so you can get it if you are in season 2, or you can buy your way though the battle pass. In season three, they made a new weapon called the guided missile launcher.

Now, I am going to talk more in depth about Save the World and Battle Royale.  In Save the World, there are different levels and you get materials to fend off and kill zombies. But, there are different missions. One is when you have to protect the bus and the bus has a certain amount of heath, and you have to protect it so the zombies don’t get to the bus. If you don’t save it, you lose the game and if you win you get the victory.  You also get V-bucks which can be used to buy new skins and new pickaxes. Two other things you can buy are emotes. An emote is like a dance, and the last thing you can get is a gilder and you can use it when you drop out of the plane and onto the ground. In Battle Royale, there are 100 people in the lobby. You can play solo which is every person for himself,  and you can play duos which is you and one other person. The last you can play is squads, and that is with with 3 or 4 people. Do you play Fortnite and what do you play?