Wilson Heading to Florida 2018


Two professional sports. What??? Russell Wilson, who is a current pro football player for the Seahawks, has announced that he will attend the spring training in Florida. It is extremely rare to play two professional sports at once. The last person to ever play multiple sports was Deion Sanders who played in the nineties. That’s how rare it is to play multiple sports professionally. Wilson, who is currently with  the Yankees organization, has bounced around from a couple teams like the Colorado Rockies and the Texas Rangers. Wilson was originally drafted in the fourth round in 2010. In one of his Social Media posts he says, “Hey, New York City, I’m here, I got the Yankees hat on.”

Wow! Wilson is really excited to play with the Yankees in spring training. I’m surprised Russell Wilson still comes every year to play in the spring training down in Florida. I feel like he should just be focusing on winning another super bowl. Though, could he be the next Bo Jackson? Bo Jackson was a superstar in both baseball and football, he was a powerhouse in both sports. Lately he hasn’t juggled the two sports well so far; his stats are not showing his athletic ability. His first at-bat during the 2018 Spring training didn’t go so well, he struck out. I’m sure this doesn’t worry him because he could always just stick with football, I mean, it’s what he’s really good at. Wilson has already clearly stated though that his main focus is going to be on football, which is what I think he should stick to

If Russell Wilson ever does want to hang around baseball and try to get better, I think he could be a really good ballplayer. Wilson could be a top middle infielder for major league baseball if he really wanted to. Though he could be a really good middle infielder I just don’t think he is the right fit for the Yankees; they already have a really good shortstop, Didi Gregorius. So, if he wanted to be a starter I think he would have to go somewhere in need of a middle infielder. Playing two different  professional sports is very difficult because in Major League Baseball you have to be able to hit a ninety mph fastball, and then in football you have to memorize hundreds of plays. Though, throughout the summer, does Wilson stay with the Yankees organization during the summer to play some minor league ball, or does he go off to train for the football season? Nobody knows, it could go so many ways. Hopefully, in the end, he makes the right choice to keep his careers in both sports alive.