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Have you ever felt the sickening feeling when you eat to much? I know I have. What causes that urge to eat more and how do I stop it? The urge is mostly caused by eating foods that are heavy in dopamine, which is a substance in your body that makes you feel good, like sugar. Dopamine can be from bad things, like alcohol and drugs. But in some cases, overeating can be caused by having a special connection with the food. Emotionally, eating is like that in some ways. This is linked to eating too much of your favorite food to cope with negative feelings. The system of overeating can be caused from temptation of portion sizes of food with lots of variety. Sadly, there are places that do exactly that, and encourage overeating like buffets and All You Can Eat restaurants. Intricate art and drawings can tempt a person, like what Andrew Zimmerman said, “If it looks good, eat.” Without the knowledge of the consequences of overeating, two of every three adults in America is obese or overweight. This can lead to heart failure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and lack of physical fitness.


Of course, with the bad taste in your mind about food’s downsides, there are ways to avoid being overweight. When trying to stop overeating, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses to foods. Setting dietary restrictions can help, but can be easily broken if you can’t keep up or deal with the your temptations to your craving. Making a dietary restriction chart that can be a simple way to start to curb this widespread problem. Increasing it slowly while avoiding more and more food can show lasting change. When you follow this chart, your temptations with a food will diminish over time forgetting about the food overall. Try eating unprocessed foods and fruits; these can help your digestion. Altered foods can clog arteries, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. When eating, it is also good to avoid some of the unhealthy-looking food choices that the people around you are eating. The other part of staying fit is exercising. Even some children all over the world lack exercise, and it is more common in adults who lack this necessity. Exercising is an excellent way to burn calories and keep good shape. When you exercise, the best way to avoid the thought of exhaustion is to think of it as an activity in which it is your mission to complete. Don’t think of exercising as a chore, and set goals to pursue during your workout. The good part of working out is it is able to bend to your schedule, making life easier. Following these ways to a healthier, life will make you live longer and be more self confident.