Tipping Isn’t Worth It


Everyone has had the problem when you’re out with your friends, going to lunch, and can’t figure out how much to tip the waiter or waitress. It is always impossible to figure out if you are being rude or too generous. What if you never had to do that? What if you didn’t have to? All tipping does is create confusion and uncertainty. In many places, it can even be considered rude. About 100 years ago, no waiter or waitress would even take tips. Tipping started when restaurant owners weren’t making enough money to pay their workers, so they told they customers that it would be rude not to tip.

A lot of people think that there’s no solution to this, and that people will forever have to tip. One simple solution is just for the owners to pay their employees more money. However, they would then have to increase the price of the food. It is a simple way to end the hassle of figuring out how much to tip someone. Also, it ensures that the employees get paid a fair amount.

In other countries, it’s considered rude to tip. Some of these countries include China, French Polynesia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia, and Belgium. It doesn’t really make sense why we don’t follow the same practices as these seven countries. Doing the same would clear up confusion and ensure fairness. In most states, restaurants are allowed to pay waiters and waitresses far less than the minimum wage. The federal rate for servers in the U.S. is just $2.13 an hour, and in nineteen states, that’s what servers make. This is an awfully low amount of money to get paid.

It’s generally accepted that when you go out to eat, you’re supposed to leave a twenty percent tip for good service. But my question is: why would you tip your waiter but not the Mcdonalds employee? It doesn’t make sense, they both serve your food. The Mcdonalds employees actually work harder because sometimes they work in the kitchen, too. You should at least give the fast food employees the same amount of money that you tip your waiter. Just because the majority of people do something does not mean that you have to do it. With all of these reasons, you should realize that tipping has a solution. Also, that a world without tipping is easier.